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From product launches and ground-breaking campaigns to key partnerships and big bets that propelled the Brand forward, these are the moments that made us who we are.


Prototype #0037 - “The Shorty”

The shirt that started it all. It was soft. It was skin-tight. It was stretchy. And, most importantly, it wicked sweat faster than anything else out there, keeping athletes cool, dry and light.


Heatgear® for when it's hot & Coldgear® for when it's cold

After delivering on the keep-you-cool promise of HeatGear® with the first T-shirt, Under Armour introduced its now-famous ColdGear® fabric, which keeps athletes warm, dry, and light in cold conditions, and then AllSeasonGear®, which keeps athletes comfortable between the extremes.


The move to Baltimore

Under Armour moved operations from a rowhouse in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC, which belonged to Kevin’s grandmother, to an all-new headquarters and warehouse in Baltimore, MD, the city it has called home ever since.


The Big Break

Under Armour signed on to supply product for the Oliver Stone film Any Given Sunday starring Al Pacino and Jamie Foxx. In key scenes of the film, the football team wore Under Armour apparel and accessories and athletes everywhere took notice.


ESPN The Magazine

Eager to capitalize off of the heat from Any Given Sunday, the Under Armour team volunteered to forgo their paychecks so the Brand could buy its first print ad, a half-page in ESPN the Magazine. The move paid off, generating awareness for the Brand and a $750,000 increase in sales.


Major Leagues

Under Armour became the official supplier of the National Hockey League, and inked licensing deals with Major League Baseball and USA Baseball, along with key retail partners.


The Armour Underneath

Under Armour launched its first line of performance underwear. Made to stretch, recover, stay put, wick sweat, and breathe, it promised athletes they’d never want to wear regular underwear again.


Protect This House

​​Under Armour’s first national television ad, the now-legendary Protect this House® commercial, featured former University of Maryland football standout Eric "Big E" Ogbogu. The ad established Under Armour as the authentic voice for the next generation, and introduced the concept of “WILL,” a theme that remains an undeniable part of the Brand’s DNA.



Eight years after its launch, Under Armour became the official outfitter of University of Maryland athletics, where the idea for the Brand was born.


Going Public

Under Armour went public on November 17, 2005, trading at NASDAQ under “UARM” and becoming the first U.S.-based initial public offering in five years to double on its first day of trading.


Under Armour made the leap into footwear with the introduction of its first line of football cleats. The Brand captured a 23 percent share of the market in its first year and became the official footwear supplier to the NFL.


Brand House

Under Armour’s first Brand House retail store opened in Annapolis, Maryland.


The New Prototype

Under Armour revealed its highly anticipated line of performance trainers through its first Super Bowl commercial, marking its foothold in the athletic footwear market.


Athletes Run

The Brand made its first strides into the running category with the launch of its performance footwear line.

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Billion Dollar Brand

​​By nearly quadrupling its revenues in a five-year period, Under Armour surpassed $1 billion in annual revenue just 15 years after the company’s founding in grandma’s basement. Kevin Plank marked the occasion by signing the box that made the milestone.


Charged Cotton®

After years of waging war on cotton, Under Armour further cemented its reputation for relentless innovation by developing Charged Cotton®, a fabric that dries faster than regular cotton, but feels just as soft and comfortable.


Armour Bra®

The sports bra, reinvented. Under Armour talked with everyday athletes and tested hundreds of prototypes to develop the perfect performance fit for its revolutionary Armour Bra™. Designed by women for women, UA took the innovative approach of uniquely constructing each specific cup size to deliver unmatched, made-for-you comfort and support. Finally, a bra built to fit athletes perfectly.


Coldgear® Infrared

As part of the Brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation, Under Armour introduced its best insulation system yet with ColdGear® Infrared. A soft, thermo-conductive lining absorbs and retains body heat, so athletes stay warmer longer…with no extra weight or bulk.


Speed Form Apollo

Under Armour is a footwear brand and the introduction of the Speedform Apollo confirmed it. It was the first running shoe ever made in an apparel factory and was designed for speed with zero distractions. As the tagline said, “This is what fast feels like.”

Digital Transformation


Connected Fitness

Through the acquisitions of fitness app companies MapMyRun, Endomondo, and MyFitnessPal, Under Armour built the world’s largest digital fitness and wellness community. The Brand that changed how athletes dress now changes how they live.


Connected Footwear

Under Armour introduced its first smart shoe, the UA SpeedForm® Gemini 2 Record Equipped. It’s built-in Record Sensor™ technology tracks and stores data including time and date, duration, distance, and splits while providing an untethered running experience that allows athletes to run device-free.


Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

Inspired by Tom Brady’s training routine, Under Armour created an advanced sleep system that uses the body’s energy to power recovery. The key is the soft bioceramic print on the inside of the fabric that absorbs natural heat and reflects Far Infrared energy back into the skin to help the body restore muscle, recover faster, and promote better sleep. Rest. Win. Repeat.

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This new pinnacle cushioning system for Under Armour footwear is not only soft enough to absorb impact, but it also returns energy and pushes you back up so it feels like zero gravity. Under Armour, 1. Gravity, 0.

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