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At Under Armour, we believe diversity drives innovation and our Brand is stronger when people of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are fully engaged. Embracing diversity not only enhances our culture, but it also drives our business success, ultimately, delivering the most innovative products that make athletes better.

While there is work still to be done, our vision, mission and Team Values will serve as our cultural compass and guide. By leaning into our Team Value​s​ and aligning to our Operating Model, we will deliver on our commitment to an inclusive workplace, where diversity is valued and is seen as the catalyst that drives our innovation.

Our Initiatives

The areas of focus for our Diversity and Inclusion strategy are centered around three elements - our Workforce, our Workplace, and our Marketplace.​

    • Provide additional targeted development, mentoring and sponsorship programs to increase representation and retention of underrepresented minorities and women at all levels of the organization.
    • Build a more diverse talent pipeline by supplementing our current recruiting programs through stronger presence and deeper relationships with specific colleges and universities, professional organizations, community colleges, technical training programs and non-profits that serve underrepresented minorities and women.
    • Require diverse interview panels and slates for all VP + and other designated roles, as appropriate.
    • Strengthen the diversity and inclusiveness capabilities of the Senior Leadership Team by incorporating mitigating biases, blind spots, and increasing cultural competency concepts into UA’s core leadership training.
    • Empower our Culture Clubs and Allies, UA affinity groups, to help drive business results and improve the teammate experience.
    • Reassess all people policies and practices to ensure fairness and eliminate bias.
    • Flex our economic, cultural, and spending power to improve the overall diversity of our marketplace by including the diversity and inclusion strategies among suppliers and partners.
    • Harness the passion of our teammates to stand up for what we believe in and make a difference in the world.
    • Execute United We Win campaigns and product launches that align with key cultural moments.

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