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Under Armour’s sustainability goal is to keep strengthening the processes and partnerships we have in place to protect this house. We strive to listen to, and work with, all our key stakeholders: customers, employees, investors, policymakers, civil society organizations, business partners, and supply chain workers. And we continue to review and evolve our sustainability reporting and disclosure strategy to address our business operations’ most significant—and sometimes changing—opportunities and risks.


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Under Armour expects our suppliers and subcontractors to do business in a manner that aligns with our values, treating their employees with dignity and respect, and providing safe workplace and dormitory conditions. We see our UK Modern Slavery Act (MSA) disclosures as an opportunity to Stay True to our stakeholders by sharing with them where we are in our efforts to address modern slavery risks in our business and supply chains. Starting with our 2020 statement, which covers reporting for the fiscal year ending December 31st 2019, we began to harmonize our UK MSA and our disclosure pursuant to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (SB 657).

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Conflict Minerals Policy

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FLA Postings About UA

The Fair Labor Association (FLA) is a multistakeholder initiative and a leader in bringing together socially responsible brands, non-governmental organizations, colleges and universities, and other stakeholders to protect the people who make the products in the global supply chain. Under Armour is proud to be an FLA Accredited Company that works with the FLA to support these efforts.

FLA Postings About UA
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