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Lock In. Load Out.

Introducing the CH1 GTX by Under Armour and Cam Hanes

Lock In. Load Out.

Introducing the CH1 GTX by Under Armour and Cam Hanes

In any athletic endeavor, there are but a few participants whose approach redefines the trajectory of the pursuit as a whole. Their unconventional practices slowly become a new standard, shattering preconceived notions of limitations. A decade ago, the physical ability and mental fortitude required to cover hundreds of backcountry miles in search of big game were possessed by only the most hardcore hunters - and none more so than Cam Hanes.

Season after season, Hanes shared his fitness journey and his dedication to bowhunting with the masses. From that, a new category of hunter-athlete has evolved, Hanes leading the charge with “Keep Hammering” as his rallying cry.

It was at SHOT Show in 2016 when a conversation between Hanes and the UA team identified a void in the footwear market for a boot that could match Hanes’ pace and persistence. That conversation was the launch point for a three-year mission to create the ultimate boot for a man who doesn’t just hunt the backcountry, but thrives there. Fast forward to SHOT Show 2019, and the UA CH1 GTX is set to make its highly anticipated debut.

"As we went through each prototype, our mantra was always: Everything for a purpose."
- Sean Denniston, UA Design Team Lead

Hanes and lead designer Sean Denniston are both located in Oregon, allowing for frequent collaborative testing and a candid exchange of feedback. Above all else, the boot had to possess three critical attributes: a precision fit, rugged foot protection and a heavy athletic slant. In each of the four prototype iterations, the boot was stripped down and materials were hyper-analyzed to dial in on comfort, weight and durability.

The resulting boot is a combination of best-in-class technology systems, and a new benchmark for UA outdoor footwear. The team took the best fit system - BOA - the best waterproofing/breathability layer - GORE-TEX - and the best foundation - Vibram - and combined them for unmatched athletic functionality. Design innovations from the CH1 are already being implemented in future footwear offerings across multiple Under Armour platforms.

This blending of industry-leading materials meets Hanes’ unwavering demands for an all-conditions western boot that will see him through extreme heat and cold and miles of stream crossings, treacherous side-hilling and the heaviest pack-outs.

Just months prior to the launch, Hanes put his final stamp of approval on the boot when he tagged one of his largest backcountry bulls to date while wearing the UA CH1 GTX. This fitting ending to years of grueling testing of the boot can be seen on Hanes’ YouTube film, Cam’s Bull of a Lifetime.

The exclusive CH1 is now available on UA.com and at select retail partners for $299.99 USD. The boot is the perfect footwear complement to the highly acclaimed Ridge Reaper layering system—a kit that will enable backcountry hunters to “Keep Hammering” in 2019 and beyond.