Our Teammates

We have set measurable goals to improve the diversity of our talent in hiring and promotions.

Director & Above

In addition to our existing commitment to 30% Director and above positions filled by BIPOC, we are now committing to 12% filled by Black talent by 2023. We are currently at 22% and 8%, respectively.

Executive Team

We are committing to 30% of Executive Team succession slates filled by BIPOC, with 12% filled by Black talent, by 2023. We are currently at 22% and 11%, respectively.


Annual Incentive Pay

We are increasing our commitment of tying annual incentive pay for executives to the achievement of our accelerated diversity and inclusion goals.

Professional Development

We are tripling our investment in professional development for our historically underrepresented teammates to improve retention and advancement.

Underrepresented Talent

We are doubling our investment in sourcing historically underrepresented talent with an increased focus on HBCUs, HSIs, and other organizations that support BIPOC. This includes our Sports Marketing roster and Rookie internship program.

Representation Statistics

We are committed to publishing our representation statistics externally annually to hold ourselves accountable to our goals.



Our Workplace

We have accelerated efforts to make our workplace a safe and inclusive environment for BIPOC teammates in particular.


We launched a virtual series to facilitate anti-racism and engagement on racial justice issues across the entire organization. This August, we are launching mandatory training for our leaders on cultural competency and building inclusive environments.


We are assessing our product creation cycle and our marketing processes to ensure they represent BIPOC voices and align with our values of inclusivity.





We are regularly reviewing our progress against our diversity, equity and inclusion commitments with our Board of Directors.


We are designating Juneteenth as a paid company holiday beginning in 2021.

Our Community

We are prioritizing our philanthropy efforts to support Black communities in our hometown of Baltimore and beyond.

Philanthropic Investment

We remain committed to investing a minimum of 40% of our annual philanthropic portfolio with Black-led organizations. Moving forward, we are also committing to investing in organizations supporting social justice and racial equity.



We are committing to increasing our teammate volunteer service benefit by 8 hours for a total of 40 hours available each year, to be used by teammates to partner with and give back to our communities.




We are launching a non-partisan global educational voting campaign to engage U.S. teammates on being active during the upcoming November election.

Supplier Diversity

We are committing to advancing supplier diversity and purposefully creating mutually beneficial business partnerships with diverse suppliers and partners, with a clear focus on organizations that share our values.