Curry 11

The Future of Curry Starts Now

Stephen Curry and Curry Brand, powered by Under Armour, release the 11th edition of Stephen’s signature shoe line in celebration of the Future of Curry

Fifteen years into his career, Stephen Curry is at the top of his game. Highly regarded as one of basketball’s best, a player as dynamic as Stephen needs a shoe that evolves with him and keeps getting better, just as he does – enter the Curry 11, which is Stephen's newest signature shoe and his fourth release under Curry Brand.


On Friday, October 13, Stephen, Curry Brand, and Under Armour will release the 11th iteration in his signature shoe portfolio, marking a monumental milestone that puts Stephen and Under Armour in an elite class of signature shoe lines alongside other basketball greats. Leveraging a futuristic design that celebrates the Future of Curry and his everlasting impact on basketball culture, the Curry 11 boasts a bold and disruptive flair, with the technology needed to fuel hoopers’ performance on the court.  

Stephen Curry

“My partnership with Under Armour is all about pushing boundaries, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with the Curry 11."

Stephen Curry, Basketball Professional and President of Curry Brand at Under Armour

"To be on the 11th signature shoe is an honor and something I get really excited about – unveiling what we have been working on, allowing people from all over the world and the next generation to be a part of the story. When designing this shoe, we wanted athletes to have the ultimate experience on and off the court – both when it comes to comfort and to traction – and the Curry 11 does just that. Nodding to the ‘Future of Curry,’ this shoe is designed to set the season’s tone for what is in store for Curry Brand. I know I have a lot left on the court and Curry Brand itself is truly just getting started,” said Stephen Curry.


Pulling inspiration from the wonders of what a modernized future could look like, this release speaks to the lasting impact Stephen will have on future generations of hoopers across the globe for decades to come and the limitless possibilities in store for Curry Brand.


For the first time, the Curry 11 includes dual-density UA Flow technology, allowing the shoe to have a softer top loaded piece, providing athletes with the ultimate comfort underneath. The Curry 11 design also implements a segmented plate that helps athletes maintain stability throughout the midfoot and underfoot with more flexibility at the forefoot. Curry 11’s upper insole was upgraded from the Curry Flow 10 to include Under Armour’s proprietary Warp technology. It’s unlike any other shoe on the market, just like there is no other 3-point shooter out there like Chef Curry.

Future Curry
Future Curry
Future Curry

In 2023, Stephen and Under Armour surpassed over a decade of changing the game for good together, announcing a long-term contract extension in March 2023 and deeper involvement from Stephen across Curry Brand and the UA business at large. Curry Brand operates on the commitment to give back to the next generation of youth athletes. Since its launch, Curry Brand has impacted over 75,000 youth around the world focusing on three impact pillars: places, people, and programs -- well over halfway to Curry Brand’s goal of impacting 100,000 youth by 2025.


“If the past 10+ years have shown us anything, it’s that Stephen Curry’s potential truly is limitless,” said Ryan Drew, Vice President of Curry Brand. 

“The Future of Curry Brand is bright, and our team is excited for ballplayers and consumers to get the Curry 11 on their feet to see and experience for themselves how we’re taking footwear to the next level.”

Ryan Drew, Vice President of Curry Brand

Stephen Curry - Future Curry
Stephen Curry - Future Curry

The ‘Future Curry’ Curry 11 will be released globally on and in select Brand Houses in a collection alongside a Curry 2 FloTro and a limited line of apparel. UA Rewards members will have the opportunity to get first dibs on the release 24 hours before it hits shelves.

“Under Armour has given me the platform to make my mark on this industry and revolutionize the sneaker game, one signature shoe at a time.”

Stephen Curry, Basketball Professional and President of Curry Brand at Under Armour

“Eleven shoes? Not many people have been able to have that experience. Curry 11 marks the start of our next chapter, where we’re taking a daring and disruptive approach on the court, paying tribute to some of my favorite moments over the course of my career, while also collaborating with talented partners who share the same fire in creating a powerful identity for the future of Curry Brand,“ said Stephen Curry.


The Curry 11 is just the start of an exciting rollout of footwear from Curry Brand and Under Armour this season. Hoopers can expect no shortage of Curry 11, Retro, and FloTro releases that bring back beloved colorways, tell new stories, and honor the moments that mean the most to Stephen.


See below for a look into the future of what’s to come for the Curry 11, and stay locked on Instagram @CurryBrand for more details:

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