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UA empowers the next generation of women and girls for success on and off the field with the Women’s History Month Collection.

Under Armour is committed to celebrating, supporting, and championing our women teammates and athletes.

After a year where women experienced some of the biggest losses — financially and athletically — now is the time to double-down on empowering the next generation of women leaders and athletes.

Sports play a crucial role in helping women develop into future leaders, emboldening young women with the confidence to take life's challenges head-on. With 96% of women in C-suite positions having an athletic past, it's clear that sports help build the foundation for confident, successful women.

But 40% of teen girls are not actively participating in sports — they enter sports later, participate in fewer numbers, and exit earlier than boys. High school sports opportunities for boys outnumber those for girls by over 1.13 million.

Women athletes must be supported. That’s why we're renewing our commitment to women and girl athletes — because when we're united, we win.


With incredible stats that back the impact participation in sports can have on professional success, it’s essential that in this important moment in time, we fund and support sports for both girls and women.

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We will continue to elevate, create opportunities and open doors for women to be able to grow into higher levels of our company.

-Stephanie Pugliese, President of the Americas, Under Armour

Letter from W.I.L.L.

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We are W.I.L.L. - Women Inspiring Leading and Living – Under Armour’s largest Teammate Resource Group (TRG) with eight chapters in four regions around the world. Established to empower the women of Under Armour to achieve their highest potential, both personally and professionally, we exist to provide our members with resources, tools, and an environment where they can thrive, and develop into their best selves.


This past year, the stress and disruption of COVID-19 has erased boundaries and stretched limits, disproportionately impacting women in the workplace, making our work as a TRG more important than ever. We’ve found the silver lining of the pandemic by using this moment in history as an opportunity to listen, learn, and evolve our approach to best support our teammates. Along the way, we’ve identified new ways for our members to connect, and we’ve called on ALL of our teammates – regardless of gender - to come together as allies with the intent to make a foundational effort to shift our culture in a constructive, inclusive manner.


We’ve persevered and showed up by providing resources to help teammates to build the skills, confidence and ambition needed to elevate their careers while also balancing numerous roles at home. Now, a year later, we’ve created a stronger community. A community of women, men, moms, dads, teachers and caregivers, and Under Armour teammates who together, are committed to celebrating, supporting and championing our women – both on and off the field.


This Women's History Month & International Women's Day, we recognize the accomplishments of our women teammates, UA athletes and all the fierce women who have made an impact. We are proud of the steps that Under Armour has taken to create an equitable workplace for our teammates, but are the first to admit that there is still work to be done. This March, W.I.L.L. celebrates women and their contributions to our business and world, while continuing to advocate for their advancement.




Community Impact

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Good Sports’ mission is to give all kids the lifelong benefits of sport and physical activity by providing equipment, apparel and footwear to those most in need. Good Sports recognized that there are still too many hurdles for girls and young women when it comes to opportunity to play, so they launched the She Who Plays initiative designed to support new and equitable access to sports for girls nationwide. In continuation of their partnership with Good Sports, Under Armour will support this initiative through investments in providing the tools and equipment that girls need to succeed.


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Girls Opportunity Alliance*, a program of the Obama Foundation, seeks to empower adolescent girls around the world through education, allowing them to achieve their full potential and transform their families, communities, and countries. In partnership with Under Armour, they support global programs that empower girls through sport, like the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy, which began as a girls soccer team and has evolved into providing free secondary education to at-risk and disadvantaged young women in Kibera, Kenya.


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*The name and emblem of the Girls Opportunity Alliance, a program of The Barack Obama Foundation, are used with permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, opinion or political position. The Girls Opportunity Alliance name and logo are registered trademarks owned by The Barack Obama Foundation.


This Women’s History Month, we created a collection that reflects the drive and determination of women in sport—and women everywhere—who never stop working to show us all what strong really means.

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