Introducing the UA Embiid One

Powerful Enough for a Big Man, Light Enough for a Guard, and Quick Enough to Run the Court

A season without precedent has laid the foundation for Joel Embiid’s debut signature performance footwear with Under Armour. Like Joel and his style of play, the UA Embiid One is a sneaker without limits or a designated position. And, as a positionless shoe, it’s designed to elevate any player’s on-court performance - from the 5 to the 1.


Known as The Process (or “Do-a-180” for you “Jeopardy” fans), Joel continues to be a force in the league and the literal centerpiece of the 76ers’ recent success. Since stepping on the court, Embiid has averaged 24.1 points and 11.5 rebounds to go along with 1.8 blocks and 3.1 assists. Standing tall at 7’, his size, strength, and reach make him a threat under either basket, while his quickness and ball-handling abilities enable him to help spread and push the floor. 


Philadelphia has surged into the playoffs the last three seasons, and remains eager to progress beyond the conference semis. Joel is hungry to add to his legacy and help deliver on a promise he made early on in his career. You know the one. 


The design team considered every detail of the UA Embiid One, from the materials to the potential weight distribution to the traction with Joel’s size and versatility in mind. It truly is a position-less shoe. 


So what makes the UA Embiid One unique to its namesake? Let's take a look.


Stability, Mobility and Breathability 


Whether a 5’8” point guard or a dynamic 7’ center, its mid-cut design was built to help any player on the court. It’s a silhouette stable enough to support powerful movement, but lightweight enough to allow for quick and mobility. 


Euro-steps tend to place a lot of stress on the lateral side of the foot, especially when performed by a 280-pound big man. To accommodate Joel’s dynamic play, Under Armour included specially designed TPU support wings.


The unique, outsole tread pattern provides grip and traction to facilitate back-to-the-basket footwork or quick cuts on the way down the court. Continent outlines on the outsole of both Africa and the U.S. offer visual cues tied to Joel's basketball journey.


Long gone are the early days of Joel's career where he had to remove or replace shoes at the half. It was a comfort thing. With so much movement taking place, his feet were just… well, getting too hot. The layers of fitted, lightweight mesh in the UA Embiid One’s upper allow for a locked-in feel and maximum breathability. So, now all Joel has to focus on are 3rd quarter adjustments.


UA HOVR and Micro G® Provide Big Comfort 


The UA Embiid One midsole marries UA’s proprietary and acclaimed HOVR™ and Micro G® cushioning technologies to help deliver both big-time functionality and comfort. 


The HOVR technology (see image to the right, HOVR is revealed through the continent outline of Africa) is focused on energy return - absorbing and returning impact so Joel can stay fresh all game long. Micro-G placed in the forefoot meanwhile keeps his footwork compact and explosive, enabling Joel to change direction instantly.


While the UA Embiid One’s heel support secures the heel and stabilizes the ankle, HOVR beneath it protects the back of the foot from high-force impact. This is especially helpful when Joel is coming down with a contested rebound or coming back to Earth after a monster jam. 


Micro G and the high-wrapping midsole keeps the foot locked in for lateral cuts to the basket and sidestep blocks and jumpers. The shoe’s cushioning and rubber wrap up increases overall stability, helping avoid both slipping and overall discomfort.


Signature Footwear Logo


Fans will find Joel's first official logo on the tongue of each colorway. The new emblem's winglike design was inspired in part by Joel's outstretched arms, which measure 7'6". It marries together elements of a capital 'J' (Joel) and a lower-case 'e' (Embiid).


UA Embiid One Product DNA


  • MOVE FASTER - UA HOVR™ technology in the heel returns energy to get you where you’re going faster—you’ll be able to run the court like never before.
  • REACT QUICKER - Strategic Micro G® cushioning keeps your first step and every cut more explosive—our bounciest foam for shocking speed and reaction time.
  • FEEL LIGHTER - Layers of fitted, lightweight mesh give you a locked-in feel but total breathability—it’s a shoe that even a big guy can wear without his feet overheating.
  • BE POWERFUL - Wide lateral wings add extra support and stability—what even a 7-footer needs to feel more secure and confident, letting them move the way they want.
  • CONTROL THE COURT- Unique tread pattern for better grip and traction—the outsole not only tells Joel’s journey, but helps you move all over the court without hesitation.

The UA Embiid One Origin colorway will release in North America via UA.com, UA Brand Houses, and Eastbay.com on September 18 and worldwide on October 2. Additional details on the Origin and additional colorways will be announced via the UA Newsroom in the coming weeks.