Introducing the UA Sport Hijab

Every athlete is looking for the extra edge. The extra second to cut off her race time, the extra push to get her to her goal. And every athlete should have the gear she needs to be the best. Ingrained in Under Amour brand values is to Stand For Equality and this ensures we have the gear that allows all athletes to train and compete.


Introducing the Under Armour Sport Hijab. The super soft, smooth fabric is made with a unique hex-shaped mesh pattern designed for maximum breathability, sweat-wicking capability and an extra fast drying time. With a contoured band around the face, the hijab is designed to prevent slippage, so it won’t come untucked or fall off.


“We spent several years developing the UA Sports Hijab, because we wanted to ensure that when the product launched it was the best it could be. The UA Sport Hijab is rooted in functionality and performance, from the breathable and sweat wicking fabric, to the stretch, seam construction and ear bud access. Our team worked diligently to launch a quality sport hijab that will meet the performance needs of its user and ensure all female athletes are covered from head to toe no matter their size, level of performance or religion.”

Jennifer Smith, Under Armour Sr. Design Manager, Accessories

Under Armour developed the UA Sport Hijab with the help of Hijabi athletes around the world including Canadian Under Armour Ambassador, Saman Munir. Saman, a Toronto-based certified personal trainer and fitness influencer, tested multiple prototypes and provided her feedback to the Under Armour design team.


"Because we wanted this product to be the best in the market we did spend several years researching and wear testing different iterations," said Jennifer Smith, Senior Designer of Women's & Girl's Accessories at Under Armour. "It was especially impactful to have personal insight from our own UA athlete, Saman, during this process to drive home the fit and functionality while making an authentic product."


Under Armour Ambassador Saman Munir trains in the UA Sport Hijab.

Under Armour Ambassador Saman Munir trains in the UA Sport Hijab.

“When you’re wearing fabric around your whole head while you sweat, breathability is non-negotiable. The UA Sport Hijab has changed my workout experience because it’s breathable and has enough length in the front and back, so it doesn’t come untucked. The UA Sport Hijab is game changing for all Muslim women.”

Saman Munir, Under Armour Canada Ambassador

The Sport Hijab is made with 4-way stretch to move better in every direction. With built-in headphone access and a reflective logo, women athletes can workout without distraction.


The UA Hijab is now available at for $35 USD/$40 CDN at underarmour.com, UA Brand Houses and select retailers.