Georgia Ellenwood is a Canadian Heptathlete who is an 8-time NCAA Division I All-American and 2018 NCAA Champion, and has represented Canada at the 2016 Indoor World Championships. As Under Armour Canada’s first multi-event athlete, Georgia uses more than 7 pairs of shoes for competing, for the following events: 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m, long jump, javelin throw and 800m. 


Georgia played an integral role in the weartesting and design process of the new spike collection, which recently launched on ua.com. We caught up with Georgia to chat about her role in the development of the new collection, how her training has changed in 2020, and her goals for 2021.


What is your role in wear testing new shoes for UA Run?




As UA Canada's first multi-event athlete, I use more than 7 pairs of shoes for competition. My role is to be hypercritical in the wear testing of these shoes at each stage, and to provide a perpetual assessment through the experience. It's my job to be as interactive with UA's footwear team in every step of their product development to ensure we're creating a shoe athletes can trust.


How involved were you with the development of the new spike collection? How/where did you test the prototypes?




The UA footwear team and I have been in constant communication. They provide prototypes, I test them, provide feedback, and then we make the necessary changes. I test the prototypes at the track, during my warmups and drills, and in competitive scenarios so that I can get an accurate feel for how the shoes would perform in real-life settings. I make sure to be very particular in my feedback, as they are in the development, so we can produce a product that is both comfortable and functional. 


 What is your favorite spike in the collection? Do you have a favorite event in the heptathlon?




My favourite spike in the collection is the UA Speedform Sprint Pro Track spikes because they are light, dynamic, and provide the speed and power I'm looking for in 2 of my 7 events. My favourite event in the Heptathlon shifts from week to week - right now, I'd say I'm enjoying my improvement in the 100m hurdles. 


 What does training currently look like for you?




Right now, training is slightly modified due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but it's all about gaining fitness, strength, and endurance. This means our workouts on the track are longer and more strenuous than in-season workouts, and our weight room sessions are lighter in weight, and higher in reps. The technical work will start in the new year. 


What are your goals for 2021?




My most obvious goal is the Tokyo Olympics in the summer of 2021. I also have short-term mental and physical goals. In a competition, if an event doesn't go as planned, my goal is to stay level-headed and remain optimistic for the proceeding events. Physically, I want to improve my overall speed. It's needed for at least 4 of the 7 events, so my goal is to match my top end speed with the best Heptathletes in the world. 


Follow Georgia’s journey to Tokyo on Instagram at @george_ahhh.