Stephen Curry Partners with Devin Allen To Celebrate Black Baltimore for Black History Month

Every February, we observe and pay tribute to the historical contributions and achievements made by African Americans within the U.S. As part of Black History Month, we formally honor those who pushed for equal rights, broke glass ceilings, and shaped our culture. 


It's a time to not only to inspire through the sharing of Black stories but recognize the power of the collective to push community forward - a practice that stretches beyond the annual commemoration.


This Black History Month, Stephen Curry and Curry Brand have partnered with Baltimore artist, community leader, and photographer, Devin Allen, to support Baltimore's Black community and help tell its often unheralded chronicles.  


You may know Devin from his first TIME cover photo, which visually cemented the 2015 Baltimore protests within America’s cultural narrative. But, we know him as a community leader and a member of the UA family. And, shortly after Devin began photographing Stephen and his involvement with UA, the two recognized a mutual investment in hard work and lifting up others. 


Several years later, their shared vision for a better world led to the new Curry 8 shoe design “Beautiful Flow.” As part of the UNDR ARMR x DVNLLN collection, the special edition Curry 8 colorway is inspired by Devin’s recent book "Beautiful Ghetto”—a collection of iconic photographs that immortalizes the beauty in Baltimore's overlooked communities.


“I have memories of playing out on the streets: broke my collarbone playing two-hand touch, mattresses outside to play WWF, drilling jugs to walls to play basketball. We might not have much, but we will find a way.”

Devin Allen

Not only does “Beautiful Flow” celebrate Devin and the resilience of young athletes in the 410, it represents the power of community.


“It’s about continuing the work, figuring out what the needs are, and raising awareness around the issues you can truly make a difference in. And when it comes to youth sports, access and participation is something that I'm really passionate about.”

Stephen Curry

Stephen, Devin, and Curry Brand are teaming up with former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith and Level 82 Fund, to build an outdoor court at West Baltimore’s Hilton Recreation Center. What once was a staple for youth athletics and summer camps has been closed for more than 10 years. These efforts— along with additional programmatic resources—will support the center reopening this summer. 


“My first big assignment—and my first time out of the country—was to shoot Stephen during his Asia Tour in 2015. I’ve seen Stephen’s impact and how much Oakland loves him,” Allen said on the partnership. “And I’ve worked with Torrey in the Baltimore community and seen his commitment to my city so these two guys were at the top of my list when I thought about who I wanted to collaborate with for this collection.”


“I didn't really know much about Baltimore. And then when I had the opportunity to live here, you quickly fall in love with the city—a blue collar city, a city for the fighters, a resilient city with resilient people.”

Torrey Smith

“I think that community is everything,“ said Smith. “Growing up where I grew up, you always viewed sports as a way out, as an opportunity for you. We always heard growing up that it takes a village to raise a child…and the community was that village—families coming together on weekends, whether it was AAU basketball or football games on Friday nights. I understood early on it was your role to give back and to support the community as well.”


It’s the next phase of Curry Brand's mission to support athletes on the court and uplift all communities by providing safe places for kids to play and learn through basketball. 


When asked what message Curry would share with today’s youth he spoke about perspective and gratitude, “You have a choice. You can choose kindness, you can choose generosity, you can choose to look out for your brother and your sister to the left and the right of you. You can always choose to do the right thing and hopefully those decisions will continue to build on each other," said Curry. "Sometimes you can’t see out of your circumstances but to wake up in the morning and have a sense of gratitude for something in your life will hopefully keep you in the right direction, no matter how high the mountain you have to climb."


More About the Curry 8 Beautiful Flow:


The Curry 8 "Beautiful Flow" incorporates colors from the Pan-African flag (black, red, and green). Inspired by the asphalt in Baltimore’s streets, the upper suede panel brings texture to the shoe, symbolizing the grit and resilience of the city.  Each shoe's sockliner includes encouraging messaging to help athletes find their path, defy the odds, and help others:


There’s only one way.


At least, that’s what they told Stephen.


One way to shoot. One way to play.


And Devin, they said it was just a lucky shot.


That his photos would never take him anywhere.


But they both worked & worked & worked.


Gave back. Changed the way.


So, find your path. Help others find theirs.


Defy the odds. Hone your craft. Prove them wrong.


And then pass it on.


Outwork everyone. Always.


And then keep working. Keep helping others.


Love where you come from. Give back. Stay real.


The UNDR ARMR x DVNLLN collection, including the Curry 8 “Beautiful Flow”, will be available for purchase at UA.com and Under Armour North America Brand Houses on February 5 and helps to support Wide Angle Youth Media’s youth development programming, and summer programming at Hilton Recreation Center in partnership with Level 82 Fund.