Under Armour Celebrates the Start of the 2022 MLB Season

After an extended off-season of America’s favorite pastime, the gates to freshly cut grass, footlong hotdogs, and cheering crowds have opened to usher in the 2022 Major League Baseball season.  


And while every year starts with a clean slate, the past woes and wins are what powers our Under Armour athletes to set even higher expectations to deliver for the fans, their teammates, and themselves. As models of focused performers, each one of them thrives under pressure and continues to test their limits on their journey to compete.  


Last season saw stellar performances from our athletes across the board. From a World Series win to first- and second-place finishes for National League MVP, Under Armour MLB athletes are some of the most talked about players – not just because of their stats, but their perseverance and drive to be the best.  


2021 highlights from Under Armour’s star-studded roster: 


  • Phillies slugger Bryce Harper was voted National League MVP for the second time in his career, led the major league in slugging percentage, and the National League in extra-base hits.  


  • Nationals superstar Juan Soto came in second behind Harper and was an All-Star for the first time in his career. For a second straight season, Soto was named to the All-MLB First Team and won the National League Silver Slugger Award for the outfield. 


  • Ex-Braves five-time MLB All-Star Freddie Freeman, who recently signed with the Dodgers, became a World Series Champion when the Braves bested the Astros in Houston. Freeman received his third consecutive Silver Slugger Award and his first Babe Ruth Award. 


  • Rays sensation Wander Franco made his MLB debut, recording his first game, his first major league career hit, home run, and RBI. He bested Mickey Mantle’s on-base streak record for a player 20-years or younger and received the third most votes for Rookie of the Year. 


  • As for the newcomer this season, Bobby Witt Jr. is an emerging star who will begin the 2022 season with the Royals. All eyes are on him as a serious Rookie of the Year contender. 


With the 2022 season here, the athletes are gearing up for another outstanding year. Soto has been chomping at the bit to get the season off to a good start and build on his already remarkable legacy. 

"I'm trying to enjoy the ride, have a great season and specifically have a good start,” Soto said earlier this year. “I want to start off in a good way and keep it all the way to the end."

Juan Soto, Washington Nationals Outfielder

As for Bobby Witt Jr., he’s preparing for the pressure. That includes embracing the mentality that “perform[ing] under pressure [is what] makes the game a lot easier,” he previously remarked.  


Whatever is needed to get each of these athletes going—be it mental strength or practicing their focused-performer mindset—Under Armour is here to support each individually as they embark on another exciting year. 

Under Armour’s pursuit of excellence is rooted in the products we make, and extends to the players for whom we expertly make them. We’re proud to be partnered with athletes like Bryce Harper, Freddie Freeman, Juan Soto, Bobby Witt Jr., and Wander Franco, among our other MLB players. They make us better at what we do by showing us what excellence looks like, embodying what it means to be a focused performer who thrives under major league pressure, and putting in the immense amount of work it takes to win.  


To all of our Under Armour MLB Athletes who we are fortunate enough to partner with, we wish you best of luck in the upcoming 2022 season. We’re rooting for you and look forward to seeing the thrilling milestones and accolades you reach. Play ball!