Jordan Thompson, Be The Athlete No One Saw Coming

The Gold Medalist No One Saw Coming

Born with a basketball in her hand, volleyball phenom Jordan Thompson had her heart set on a different court

Comparisons aren’t the same thing as motivation. In fact, comparing athletes to one another distracts from the unique qualities that make an individual perfectly suited for greatness. But what happens when you can’t escape these expectations? What if you’re born into an athletic legacy but want to pave your own path? Through the new Athlete No One Saw Coming campaign, Under Armour wants youth athletes to focus on their own game and block out the toxic comparisons they’re faced with each day. No athlete is more familiar with this pressure than Gold Medalist Jordan Thompson.


“Under Armour’s mission to break down comparisons resonates with me on a personal level. There are so many achievements in my life that I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish if I’d been concerned with what other people thought I should be doing or who I should try to be like.”

Jordan Thompson, Professional Volleyball Player

With a Football Hall of Famer for an uncle and a Harlem Globetrotter for a father, Jordan Thompson was destined for greatness. However, she was inundated with comparisons to her relatives, expectations for a future she hadn’t decided on, and the assumption that she would be lacing up her basketball shoes and taking over her father’s legacy. But Jordan yearned for a road less traveled and found her way to volleyball. The sport is certainly thankful she did because in 2021 Jordan Thompson won her first gold medal in Tokyo. Now, the volleyball star is focusing on her game, honing her skill, and ensuring that the next generation of players have the opportunity to forge their own path. She encourages youth athletes to follow her motto: “There is greatness inside of me and I’m capable of this.


This summer, she even hosted the Jordan Thompson Camp Powered by UA Next at The University of Cincinnati, where 34 female high school athletes from around the region were given the opportunity to connect with and learn from one of the best.

Jordan spent the day meeting with these young athletes and coaching them through drills and scrimmages to help hone their craft and connect on their shared experiences in sport. Jordan plans to continue giving back through in-person opportunities such as her UA Next camp in the upcoming year.  

Being the Athlete No One Saw Coming is about focusing on your own game and perfecting your abilities with blinders on. It’s about blocking out the chatter and becoming your own biggest competition. Whether the pressure comes from social media, the sidelines, or your own relatives, the Athlete No One Saw Coming has the grit of an underdog and the focus of an All-Star. Jordan Thompson puts this philosophy into practice each time she steps onto the volleyball court. From her first few collegiate games in Cincinnati to her major accomplishments on the USA National Team, Jordan has made impressive strides, her own way. In the latest chapter of the Athlete No One Saw Coming campaign, Jordan is seen working on her craft from a young age, building in both confidence and commitment as she carves out her path to greatness.

“There is a select class of athletes whose talents have been rooted in greatness. They’re determined, confident, and know what it takes to perform at the highest level. Jordan Thompson is one of the few who exemplifies that. She’s a shining example of what the Athlete No One Saw Coming moniker stands for.”

Sean Eggert, SVP of Global Sports Marketing at Under Armour

Under Armour and Jordan Thompson are working together in service of the Athlete No One Saw Coming campaign to ensure that the next generation of players is given the freedom to refine their skills on their own time and without comparison.

For more information on Under Armour’s Access to Sport commitment and how the brand is creating opportunities for millions of youth to engage in sport by 2030, click HERE.