Winter Is Coming

Battle Dropping Temps in UA ColdGear®

Warm-blooded: one of the defining characteristics of the human body.


The body’s ability to generate heat has enabled us to redefine the boundaries of what is physically possible. Conquering mountaintops and the depths of the oceans, exploring the polar ice caps and even outer space, being warm-blooded allows us to push our bodies to the limit… but we can’t do it alone.


When the temperature drops, the human body goes into survival mode as blood vessels constrict, directing blood flow away from muscles and towards vital organs to combat hypothermia. Frigid temperatures impact the rate of vital chemical reactions and reduce the flow of oxygen to working muscles, causing them to work much harder and increasing the risk of injury and damage to muscle tissue — making it both disadvantageous and dangerous for anyone to get too cold while outdoors, especially athletes competing in strenuous sports.


“Athletes can adapt to humidity. They can adapt to heat. They can adapt to altitude, but it’s very difficult for human physiology to adapt to the cold.”

Paul Winsper, VP Human Performance and Research

Despite these challenges, training in the cold is still a necessity, and athletes can do so safely and unhindered when aided by the right technology. Our performance in cold weather is only as good as the tools we have to combat it. Enter, Under Armour ColdGear.    


ColdGear® Technology FW18

ColdGear® Technology FW18

Whether you’re a high school football player prepping for a bone-chilling November night showdown, or an adrenaline junkie about to drop in for some heli skiing in Alaska, ColdGear enables you to push yourself to the limit. Explore the science behind its construction and learn why it’s one of the longest standing technologies used in Under Armour’s cold-weather gear. 


UA ColdGear was developed to solve a problem, and has become a staple in every athlete’s closet and a piece of equipment that the athlete can’t live without. The full UA ColdGear portfolio is available on UA.com, DicksSportingGoods.com, and at UA Brand Houses and DICK'S Sporting Goods retail locations.


Weightless Warmth

Layering is often a go-to strategy to keep warm, but adding weight actually increases energy expenditure, making it a less-than-ideal solution for athletes. On top of that, the added layers often restrict movement and add friction. UA ColdGear is a solution that keeps athletes warm with a lightweight fabric that sits next-to-skin, while still keeping the body’s core temperature warm, which leads to less distractions and frictional drags on the athlete.


Thorough testing on and off the winter field has also been done to prove the effectiveness of UA ColdGear as a baselayer by measuring the amount of time it takes the fabric to heat up and how long it takes to cool off. With UA ColdGear, the time it takes to cool off is significantly longer, proving that the gear conserves body heat.


Textiles aren’t ovens or microwaves - they don’t generate heat on their own. So, what we set out to do is utilize the heat generated by the body as efficiently as possible. We found a way to trap heat with ColdGear via the construction and the yarns.”

Kyle Blakely, VP Materials Innovation

4-Way Stretch

UA ColdGear is the optimal “second skin” for cold weather workouts. Under Armour has done extensive research to understand how much and what type of stretch is needed for different areas of the body to keep the fabric in place, as well as comfortable and supportive. UA ColdGear aims to correct the issues we face in the cold by helping the body maintain its internal temperature, while still feeling comfortable when worn.


Active Odor Control

Oftentimes the presence of sweat means bacteria build up, which can lead to an odor unique to locker rooms and gym bags. UA ColdGear is built with this in mind; a zinc-based anti-microbial is applied to the fabric, which helps mitigate odor build up and keep athletes distraction-free from sweat-causing odor.


Quick Dry Comfort

Wet clothing can be detrimental for several reasons. Not only is it uncomfortable – where wet fabric can lead to chafing – but it can lose 90% of its insulating properties, which renders it counterproductive to our body’s functions. ColdGear was designed to pull moisture away from the skin, keeping the athlete dry and comfortable.