D.K. Metcalf Joins Under Armour 2019

D.K. Metcalf Joins Under Armour 2019



D.K. Metcalf's Parents Announce His UA Signing

Tonya and Terrence Metcalf aren’t your typical parents. And their son DeKaylin “D.K.” Metcalf, the standout Ole Miss wide receiver, isn’t your typical NFL draft prospect.


Terrence attended Ole Miss then spent seven years in the NFL, including time with the 2007 Chicago Bears Super Bowl team. He recently returned to the university to finish the studies he put on hold back in 2002. Tonya earned an undergraduate degree from Ole Miss before returning to pursue a Master’s degree, while raising D.K. and his four siblings.


As the Metcalf’s prepare to watch their son embark on the next chapter in his life, including extending the family tradition of reaching the NFL, they reflect back on how he’s gotten here.





D.K. Metcalf's parents, Tonya and Terrence, introduce their son into the Under Armour family