Curry Flow 8 Intro FW20

Curry Flow 8 Intro FW20


Introducing the Curry Flow

Unveiling the First-Ever Signature Design from Curry Brand, and Under Armour’s<br>Most Technically Innovative Basketball Shoe Yet

Eight is regarded as a highly auspicious number—in some cultures it is said to convey positivity and success. So, one might say that the release of the Curry Flow 8 signals an auspicious future for the newly minted Curry Brand, Under Armour’s first legacy performance brand to build impact into its bottom line.


The Curry Flow 8 is the first sneaker to be launched under Curry Brand. And, while it will carry on a legacy of boundary-pushing performance innovation, Curry’s eighth signature sneaker will help set the brand apart by tackling a series of firsts:


The silhouette marks the introduction of an industry-changing cushioning platform, called UA Flow. UA Flow is positioned to shift the company and the entire sports apparel industry. The Curry Flow 8 effectively disrupts the design of a traditional basketball shoe by completely eliminating the rubber outsole, bringing unparalleled traction, lightweight performance ground-contact cushioning and grippy on-court feel.


“When we saw how sticky this material was on hardwood, we knew this was going to be groundbreaking..."

Fred Dojan, Under Armour Innovation VP of Footwear Development

During development, UA Flow and the Curry Flow 8 endured 13 rounds of weartesting and 10 rounds of biomechanical testing with more than 100 athletes, including 35 elite college and high school basketball players, proving to be Under Armour’s highest performing ground-contact cushioning technology. Through the more than 1,500 hours of extensive testing, UA optimized the properties of the unique foam to make the Curry Flow 8 the brand’s best performing basketball shoe to-date.



“When we saw how sticky this material was on hardwood, we knew this was going to be groundbreaking,” said Fred Dojan, Under Armour Innovation’s VP of Footwear Development. “I’ve proudly spent 20+ years working in product innovation creating the best technology available for athletes. This is the most excited I’ve been about the opportunity and potential of new technology in a very long time.”


UA Flow and the Curry Flow 8 took more than three years to develop. It was a collaborative effort between Dow and multiple UA teams including Innovation, Product Design, Biomechanics, Athlete and Consumer Insights groups. During the journey, the development team leaned on informative athlete insights that challenged sacrificing traction and the ability to feel the court for the benefits of cushioning and responsiveness. With Dow, which also helped deliver UA’s proprietary UA HOVR™ cushioning, UA dialed in on energy return, shock absorption and traction to enhance the court feel, cushioning and speed of movement without sacrificing durability. To achieve this, UA Innovation reversed the engineering, and designed the UA Flow footwear from flexibility to stability, instead of stability to flexibility—bucking traditional industry standards.


“We pushed so hard to make this happen. The UA team moved mountains to bring this innovation to life. I can't tell you how good this feels on my feet and I'm hyped to wear it for years to come."

Stephen Curry

Pictured here is an upcoming colorway of the Curry Flow 8

Pictured here is an upcoming colorway of the Curry Flow 8

UA Flow is made from a single “unisole” foam material—a direct challenge to most midsoles which are usually made of two or three parts with outsoles made of rubber. The Under Armour Innovation and Footwear Design teams started with the unique foam and then added structure and stability to it to ultimately create a holistic system around the foot of the basketball player.


Tom Luedecke, Under Armour Innovation’s Director of Footwear Design, has worked closely with Stephen since designing the Curry 2. Luedecke explained that the system the team built around the UA Flow cushioning is precisely designed to give a locked-in feeling around the foot.


“We call it a unicorn foam,” said Luedecke. He added that because UA Flow technology is so unique, the Curry Flow 8 was designed differently than the way traditional basketball sneakers are made. “This system is completely built the opposite way from the ground up. We started with a soft, flexible foam with no outsole and added just the right amount of stability into it for Stephen’s game.”


Another first of UA Flow and the Curry Flow 8 is an unreal grip that offers no skidding, no slipping, and no squeaking. Because it grips the court better, UA Flow technology allows players to stop and start on a dime, a precise advantage to leave defenders reaching. 


“How I judge a shoe's traction has always been about the squeak. And I used to think squeak was a good thing. The technology in Flow is crazy because it's silent, there is literally no squeak,” Stephen said of his latest signature sneaker. "And that's because there's no air between the shoe and the court. It's hands down the grippiest shoe I've ever worn; it's the real deal."


The innovative technology of the UA Flow and the Curry Flow 8 provide game-changing athlete benefits and tech features including:


  • TRACTION: UA Flow contributes amazing ground traction on-court to the Curry Flow 8 with abrasion resistance similar to standard rubber, with no skidding, no slipping, and no squeaking on the hardwood.
  • COMFORT: The upper features two layers that work dynamically and independently, which allows the foot to move more freely while still being protected.
  • COURT FEEL: With the Curry Flow 8, cushioning doesn’t sacrifice court feel. While the underfoot feeling is unique at first, it won’t take long  for you to feel at one with the court.
  • INTENTIONAL DESIGN: UA Flow discarded unnecessary weight by eliminating the need for a rubber outsole, which usually adds up to 2 oz. of weight. The Curry Flow 8 weighs in at 12.1 oz.(men’s size 9).
  • HIGH ENERGY RETURN: The Curry Flow 8 provides amazing energy return without compromising durability, protection, and performance.

"From the moment I tried on an early prototype, I immediately wanted UA Flow tech in the Curry 8–knowing it would be the first shoe from Curry Brand. I’ve been hype since day 1," said Curry. “I'm excited to get back on the court and compete in them, and for other athletes to get in on the magic as well." 


The Curry Flow 8 will release globally on, at UA Brand Houses and at select retail partners for $160 USD on December 11.


For more information on Curry Brand visit the UA Newsroom,, and @currybrand on Instagram.