Under Armour Women's History Month 2019 Zhu Ting

Under Armour Women's History Month 2019 Zhu Ting



United We Win is Under Armour's year-round initiative celebrating culture, heritage and diversity of athletes around the world. In honor of Women's History Month, and rooted in our belief that sports have the power to inspire, change and unite the world, we are proud to share stories from the women of Under Armour. 

The greatest hero stories come from humble beginnings. Tales of triumph are often born from seeds of relentless desire buried in hopeless soil. To be the greatest volleyball player on earth, then, you must be familiar with overcoming the limitations of performance and competition. To do it all while being raised in a rural Chinese upbringing, you must be Zhu Ting.


As the highest paid volleyball player in the world, Zhu understands what it means to have high expectations set before you. Growing up in the underdeveloped Henan province of inland China as a middle child from two parents with no athletic background, she wasn’t what one would call a “top prospect.” But when her physical education teacher noticed her athletic potential at the age of 13 and sent her to a sports training school, she set the course for what would be prolific athletic performance and exemplary human achievement.


The young athlete not only rose to the occasion, she spiked through it. Zhu Ting would go on to train in volleyball professionally in 2008, eventually winning MVP in nearly every league and age group she competed in. She won MVP in the 2016 Rio Olympic games and followed it up by being the first player in the history of the FIVB World Club Championships to be named MVP twice, setting a course for young Asian women in her wake.


With countless awards to her name, Zhu Ting unites the People's Republic of China by defying expectations. She reminds us all that our chapter one is only our set up – never our conclusion.