Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Cabin Interior

Expanding the Limits of Human Performance

Under Armour Performance Technology Unveiled In Cabin Of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo

Last year, Under Armour launched the spacewear system to be worn by Virgin Galactic Future Astronauts for the world’s first commercial spaceline. Now, Under Armour has been tasked with expanding its innovative performance technology into Virgin Galactic’s next phase of commercial spaceflight: SpaceShipTwo. By harnessing insights from over two decades of elevating human performance, UA is INFUSING added functionality, comfort and safety to the cabin of the first SpaceShipTwo vehicle, VSS Unity,  that will advance Future Astronaut customers and VG pilots through the rigors of spaceflight. 


It started with the spacesuit--a modern design with intention and purpose in every stitch. Under Armour took the same approach in collaborating with Virgin Galactic’s design firm, Seymourpowell, to support one of the most intricate builds of the cabin: the seats. 


Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Seats in Space

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Seats in Space

Under Armour leaned into the brand's DNA of innovation to make the physically taxing elements of space travel more comfortable for astronauts journeying back to Earth through the development of a 3D knit. The 3D knit construction is mapped with openness and breathability, and knit into the fabric encasing every cabin seat. During flight, the cabin seats move to accommodate G-forces. In order to provide functional support and cushioning, the design must securely ‘lock’ passengers in place, while simultaneously providing the seat mobility without obstruction. The result, a seat that provides the cushioning and movement required to safely and comfortably transport passengers to space. 


"Our goal alongside Virgin Galactic was to make the seats as safe and comfortable as possible, without sacrificing mobility," said Randall Harward, Under Armour's SVP Material and Manufacturing Innovation. "We took the innovative technology and learnings from the Spacesuit system and implemented their performance benefits into the seat and other cabin features. What resulted was a cabin environment that is safer and more comfortable, providing the best possible customer experience for the astronauts as they travel to space."


Check out Virgin Galactic’s virtual cabin reveal event here detailing Under Armour’s performance technology, and download the AR-enabled mobile app experience for free on the App Store and Play Store.