Under Armour Celebrates Teammates on the Frontline

Customer Service Week 2020

This year, Customer Service Week—an annual internal celebration of Under Armour’s teammates on the frontline—takes on a special meaning. With many things known as ‘normal’ crumbling before our eyes, companies and people alike have been forced to adapt and evolve. And, no one knows that better than Under Armour’s customer-facing teams, who despite the challenges of the year, have continued to show up for and support our customers. 


Working under newfound restrictions and limitations, UA’s teams on the frontline have risen to the occasion, using creativity, and at times, facing very emotional moments, to ensure customers can still have a safe and great experience, whether that’s shopping in our retail stores, purchasing items on our mobile app or UA.com, or supporting ways to help make our customers better via the Connected Fitness apps.


Over the past month Under Armour’s CEO, Patrik Frisk has traveled the United States sharing heartfelt conversations with teammates who have shown resilience, positivity and a deep desire to continue serving customers in the face of the hardships of a global pandemic, social injustice, and general uncertainty of this year.


“Having had an opportunity to visit our Distribution House here in Baltimore and our stores in nine states over the past month, I can honestly say that the level of professionalism and dedication that I have seen is phenomenal. Our teammates who work directly with customers have had an extra load managing unexpected and uncertain circumstances.”

Patrik Frisk President & CEO

The challenges teammates have faced this year were at the forefront of the conversations. From the Chicago Brand House team sharing what it was like to clean up after downtown protests left damage to their store, to the emotional rebuild of the Orlando International Drive store, to our Call Center and Customer Happiness teams transitioning ways of working overnight, serving customers from home vs. in the office. Through the conversations, two things were clear: the deep gratitude Frisk and the brand have for teammates who have gone above and beyond during an emotionally trying year, and the unshakeable optimism, and competitive spirit that exists at the core of the UA Customer Service teams.


“Our customer-facing teams are incredibly important to Under Armour as they face our Focused Performers each and every day. Especially during the pandemic, when it has been so hard to enable our Athletes to see and touch our products in person."

Patrik Frisk President & CEO

"No one knew how long we were going to be in lock down and what impact this would have on everyone’s business, and our customer facing teams helped facilitate and engage our Focused Performers, ensuring they still had an opportunity to get better," said Frisk.


As UA looks to the future, these important teammates play a critical part to the brand's strategy and future. Frisk shares, 2021 is all about competing. "The engagement and willingness our team has to get better and improve, will ensure that Under Armour becomes more competitive in 2021 and beyond.”


As the brand celebrates Customer Service Week 2020, we recognize and celebrate our teammates on the frontline who day after day, are devoted to serving our Focused Performers.