Chase Young’s standout season earned him recognition among the league’s top-performing first-year players.

After an unusual season full of challenges on and off the field, an Under Armour athlete earned one of the league’s highest honors for a rookie player, Chase Young, winning the Associated Press Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. 


Young, along with Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson, and Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor all joined the Under Armour family last year, training through the coronavirus pandemic to make their mark on the league during an unprecedented season. 


“From the beginning of his NFL journey, we knew Chase was special — his commitment to putting in the work to perform at his best no matter the circumstances reflects everything we stand for at Under Armour,” said Sean Eggert, SVP, Global Sports Marketing. We are proud of what he has been able to achieve in his first year in the league, and we can’t wait to see what’s next as we support him through the years ahead.”


“Winning Rookie Defensive Player of The Year Award just feels great. It’s such an honor. And really, it’s motivation. I want to be one of the best to play the game, so I’m not taking my foot off the gas. I’m already getting ready for next season, bringing that hunger to my training and to my team."

Chase Young

Drafted second overall in the 2020 NFL Draft out of Ohio State University, Young entered the league ready to become a playmaker. In addition to leading all rookies in sacks (7.5) and tackles for loss (10) this season, he logged four forced fumbles and three fumble returns (including one for a touchdown) which helped him earn several firsts in Washington franchise history. Young also proved to be as valuable off the field as he was on it — by the end of the season, he received the rare rookie honor of being named a team captain, his infectious energy never failing to hype his teammates.