Global Headquarters at Port Covington Designed for Work-Life Integration; Campus to Include NCAA Regulation Track and Field Facility and Retail Location

Today, Under Armour unveiled plans for its new global headquarters in Port Covington in Baltimore. Reimagined for a post-COVID environment, this new location will consolidate the company’s global corporate and Americas regional functions into one location, greatly enhancing operational efficiencies and innovation capabilities. The global campus will support Under Armour’s vision to make all Focused Performers better and reaffirm the company’s long-standing commitment to the City of Baltimore. 


“Under Armour’s global headquarters at Port Covington will become the primary home to our Americas business and our core global functions.” said Patrik Frisk, CEO and President of Under Armour. “The campus will represent the future of performance grounded in innovation, that embodies the ethos we live, breathe, and sweat as a team every single day. We are excited to continue our commitment to the City of Baltimore and provide an even better workspace for teammates, a new retail location and a best-in-class athletic facility, as we plan for the future of the brand.”  


Designed to be inspirational and scalable, Under Armour’s global campus will be located on a 50-acre site at Port Covington, which the company purchased in 2016. It will include multi-functional spaces to promote interaction and innovation, a retail destination, and a track and field athletic venue. The campus is expected to be fully occupied by 2025.


The athletic venue will feature an NCAA-regulation track and field facility, a multi-sport playing field and basketball courts to serve primarily as a testing ground for Under Armour’s innovation, product development, and sports marketing. Managed by Under Armour, the athletic facility will be available to Under Armour teammates and the greater Baltimore community through shared-use agreements and special events. 


“In planning our new global headquarters, we utilized industry-leading commercial experts to consult on the campus’ design,” said Neil Jurgens, Senior Vice President, Real Estate at Under Armour.  “In line with one of our core values, Act Sustainably, the campus will include several sustainable and intelligent building design features that align with our commitment to environmental responsibility, including substantially lowering the company’s carbon footprint and energy usage, while contributing to the overall success of the greater Baltimore community.”


Under Armour recently announced sustainability goals of a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and the use of 80% renewable energy by 2025.