Over the last few years, the line between sports and video games has become increasingly blurred. More athletes are engaging in virtual competition than ever before, either playing online to unwind in their free time, or using the activity as a mental training tool to improve their focus and help visualize success. This comes as esports have begun to emerge on the mainstream sports scene, making the top gamers as recognized and admired as traditional sports’ MVPs. 


Given the growing overlap between fitness and gaming, including the transferrable skills between the two, Under Armour has made it a priority to examine the needs of today’s modern athlete. One way it will do so is through its new partnership with professional gamer and fitness enthusiast Nick “NickMercs” Kolcheff. Since beginning gaming in the late 2000s, Nick has garnered an audience of millions of loyal fans who not only watch him play video games on live stream, but follow his fitness and lifestyle recommendations as well.  


“Under Armour and I share the commitment to help my community—and any competitor—reach their potential.”

Nick "NickMercs" Kolcheff

“Growing up, I always dreamed of a future where I could marry my passion for gaming with my commitment to compete at a high level in sports,” said Nick “NickMercs” Kolcheff. “Under Armour and I share the commitment to help my community—and any competitor—reach their potential.”


Nick has always been driven by a love of competition. Growing up, he participated in football, basketball, boxing, and even arm wrestling while exploring his passion for gaming. By his early teens, he had developed the skills to take part in video game tournaments across the country, and what started as a casual hobby quickly turned into a successful career. 


As Nick’s gaming career evolved, so too did his personal fitness journey. After competing in team sports, he took on individual training, and has embraced the challenge of hitting the gym and sticking to a nutritious diet with as much energy as he has his live streaming and content creation. Today, he aims to be the healthiest version of himself while helping others achieve their own fitness goals by sharing his experiences with his more than 13.5 million followers on social media.   


Using #MFAMGBT — with MFAM representing Nick’s online community (M for mercs, FAM for family), and GBT standing for his fitness movement Get Better Together — Nick consistently posts about his workout routine, as well as his diet and supplement regiment, and he frequently devotes time on his live stream to talk through his training, answer questions, and provide his perspective on fitness topics. The hashtag also allows Nick to offer encouragement and positivity to his followers as they share their own fitness journeys.  


“Nick is unique because he thrives at the intersection of gaming and fitness,” said Sean Eggert, Under Armour SVP of Global Sports Marketing. “What really excites us about working with him is the opportunity to investigate the potential for gaming to improve athletic performance, as we are always looking for new ways to help athletes get better. This shared commitment to empowering and motivating others to be their best is what makes this partnership such a perfect fit.” 


“[Our] shared commitment to empowering and motivating others to be their best is what makes this partnership such a perfect fit.”

Sean Eggert, Under Armour SVP of Global Sports Marketing

One way that Under Armour will support Nick in his journey to elevate his fitness, is by providing access to the UA Human Performance Team, a group of experts who use world-class scientific research and cutting-edge instructive techniques to guide athletes through holistic mind and body training. Nick will take part in the same Human Performance System program that Under Armour’s global roster of high-performance athletes has experienced, which includes stars like Stephen Curry, Lindsey Vonn, Anthony Joshua, and Michael Phelps. With these resources, Nick can continue to improve his game, and further motivate his massive fanbase to do the same.