Stephen Curry Takes on All-Star Game #8

Stephen’s on-court performance will drive Under Armour and Curry Brand's community contributions to help bolster Cleveland school sports

Stephen Curry knows a thing or two about being an NBA All-Star. His appearance on the court in Cleveland, Ohio, on February 20th will mark his 8th consecutive NBA All-Star game since being selected as a starter for the first time in 2014.  


Stephen’s past appearances at the All-Star games have been a showcase for all of the things that make him great. His shooting skill, his dynamism, his ability to think on his feet — all while smiling and bringing infectious positive energy to the game. Stephen also embodies the elit moniker when he’s off the court just as much as he does when he’s on it. Through his philanthropic efforts, including his work with Curry Brand, Stephen has remained steadfastly committed to giving back to local communities, creating opportunities for young athletes, and generally changing the game for good. 


Curry Brand is proud to stand with him in that effort. That’s why we’re announcing that for every point Stephen scores at the February 20th Game in Cleveland, Curry Brand will donate $1,000, along with an additional $3,000 for every 3-pointer he hits, to the Cleveland Metro School District to support their basketball programming. On top of that, we’ll commit to a $10,000 donation should he win the game MVP. 


“Even as we deal with the pandemic, we continue to invest in academic and extracurricular programs that our students need and deserve. We are grateful for this generous support of our middle school basketball program and the help it provides to accomplish our goal."

Eric Gordon, CEO of the Cleveland Metro School District.

And what’s a Stephen Curry appearance without showcasing a first look at a new signature colorway? In this spirit of community and play, Stephen will be donning an upcoming release from Curry Brand’s “Street Pack,” a line of Sesame Street-inspired sneakers – this one nodding to Sesame character Abby Cadabby. 


Similar to how Abby Cadabby makes magic in the Neighborhood, Stephen makes magic on the court. Together, they’re granting the gift of sport to youth across the Cleveland Metro School District. 


“It’s about positivity, joy, confidence and developing a sense of identity,” said Curry of the Sesame Street partnership. “I love to be creative on the court. I love to try new things. I love to show new sides of myself, and the Sesame Street characters can do the same thing on the court and prove that everybody belongs in the world of basketball.” 


All of the funding from the February 20th Game will go toward supporting basketball programs in the district’s K-8 schools and ensuring that every coach in the district receives training from the Positive Coaching Alliance as part of the partnership between Curry Brand and PCA, and to push toward our goal of 15,000 coaches trained by 2025.  


“Stephen’s impact on the game of basketball is undeniable–he has changed the way it is played at every level,” said Ryan Drew, Vice President of Curry Brand. “The joy that he plays with is infectious, and when he steps onto the court, he lifts up the game and everyone around him. We couldn’t be prouder to partner with an athlete who embodies the All-Star moniker as completely and thoroughly as he does.”