Curry Brand Court Revitalization Efforts



Curry Brand Takes Court Revitalization Efforts to Stephen’s Alma Mater

In partnership with Eat. Learn. Play. & The Summit Foundation, Curry Brand begins its ninth court refurbishment at the Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson, NC

Curry Brand, powered by Under Armour, is taking on its ninth court refurbishment at the Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson, North Carolina, as part of the brand’s mission to impact 100,000 youth and renovate 20 safe places to play by 2025. The project kicked off at a special time for Stephen, as he returned to his alma mater to be inducted into the Davidson College Hall of Fame and receive his diploma. The court will be refurbished in partnership with Stephen and Ayesha’s Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation and The Summit Foundation, both of which share Curry Brand’s mission of ensuring all kids have access to safe places to play.  

When Stephen broke the all-time three-point record in December 2021, and as part of the brand’s ongoing mission, Curry Brand announced that it would build safe places for youth to play in the greater Charlotte area, the origin of Stephen’s basketball career, the Bay Area, which Stephen and his family have called home throughout his time in the NBA, and New York City, where Stephen broke the record at Madison Square Garden. As Stephen and Curry Brand considered courts to renovate, there was no better place to bring this vision to life than the Ada Jenkins Center, where Stephen volunteered for years during his time as a student athlete at Davidson.  

Working alongside Eat. Learn. Play., which has been remodeling play spaces since 2019, and The Summit Foundation, Curry Brand will redefine the way in which Ada Jenkins can provide programming to youth athletes within the community, creating a space where local youth can come together to interact and develop life skills that will serve them both on and off the court. Additionally, Curry Brand is partnering with Athletes for Hope’s university program to implement training and development for Davidson student athletes over the next two years to further their understanding of the power they have to impact their community.  

Courtesy of Tim Cowie Photography
Courtesy of Tim Cowie Photography

For Stephen and Curry Brand, it’s important that the space reflects the people that are going to be utilizing it. With that in mind, the brand will work with Davidson students and faculty to engage the local community to design a mural at the court. The mural will offer artistic renderings that exhibit the values of the community to resonate with the individuals that it serves. 


Renovations at the Ada Jenkins Center are set to begin immediately and will take around two months to complete. As the refurbishment efforts get underway, Curry Brand and Under Armour continue to look for ways to support the next generation of youth athletes through providing safe and inspiring places to play, in the Charlotte area and beyond.