Kelsey Plum at Under Armour Campus

Under Armour Adds Kelsey Plum to its Roster

The 2022 WNBA and FIBA World Champion Is Teaming Up with Under Armour to Push the Game of Women’s Basketball Even Further

What makes an underdog? Does it mean being on a losing streak? Or starting the game at a disadvantage? As the NCAA all-time scoring leader during her time at Washington and the 1st overall pick in the 2017 WNBA Draft, Kelsey Plum certainly doesn’t fit that description. Add in that she’s a 2020 3x3 basketball Gold Medalist, 2022 WNBA All-Star Game MVP, 2022 WNBA Champion and FIBA World Champion and the title of prodigy seems to fit her more than underdog. But Kelsey Plum didn’t stumble upon this greatness, she worked relentlessly at it. She showcases the real attributes of an underdog—resilience, grit, focus, and the ability to play the long game. Kelsey’s new partnership with Under Armour is a perfect alignment of two forces that rally for the underdog and believe in the transformative power of sport. 


Kelsey’s rise to stardom and phenomenal success didn’t come easily but has a simple explanation—she doesn’t like to lose. Although this seems like a trait that many athletes share, Kelsey’s sheer will and determination set her apart from the rest. Before 2022 became a banner year for her, Kelsey made a list of things she’d like to accomplish including being an All-Star, All WNBA player, WNBA champion, and world champion. With a ‘never back down’ mentality and the heart of an underdog, Kelsey began checking things off her to-do list. She made the All-Star team, was named the All-Star Game MVP, and led the Las Vegas Aces to a WNBA Championship. Her partnership with Under Armour gives the All-Star even more room to make an impact and follow through on goals that would appear too lofty to a less dedicated player.


When asked what it meant to Kelsey to enter into a partnership with Under Armour, she said “It’s extremely important to me to have partners that align with my vision. I’m proud to begin this new journey with Under Armour because we both understand that there’s untapped potential in sports right now, especially women’s sports. I’m not just talking about basketball, but throughout all women’s performance."

"I’m hungry, Under Armour is hungry, and we can’t wait to get to work.”

Kelsey Plum, Professional Basketball Player

An underdog is not defined by the most devastating loss or their meteoric rise. Kelsey Plum is proof that an underdog is defined by an attitude and a mental toughness. As a part of Under Armour’s Access to Sport commitment, the partnership with Kelsey Plum is a meeting of like-minded individuals and a resounding endorsement of the underdog in all of us. 


"At Under Armour, we empower those who strive for more," said Charece Williams Gee, Senior Director, Head of Americas Sports Marketing at Under Armour. "I knew in the first five minutes of speaking with Kelsey, her values were our values.  She exemplifies toughness and grit, and her stories of resilience resonate. She has demanded more for herself as an athlete and a humanitarian, and together we are going to put in the work to help her achieve her goals. We are just getting started."

"I knew in the first five minutes of speaking with Kelsey, her values were our values. She exemplifies toughness and grit, and her stories of resilience resonate."

Charece Williams Gee, Senior Director, Head of Americas Sports Marketing at Under Armour

Kelsey Plum Shooting on UA Campus Court