Kelsey Plum WNBA Champion

Under Armour Basketball Athletes Become WNBA Champions

Kelsey Plum and Cayla George end their season with a back-to-back championship for Las Vegas

Armouring up, digging deep to push past their limits, unleashing their dawg mentality – that’s exactly what these Under Armour female basketball powerhouses did this season– taking it all the way home to Protect This House, and win. 


Scoring 70 points to take home the 2023 WNBA Championship for a second year in a row, UA Basketball Athletes Kelsey Plum and Cayla George led their team to victory with a three to one win in a five game series over New York. Wednesday night’s win cements Las Vegas’ status as the first team to win back-to-back titles since Los Angeles in 2001 and 2002. 


“If you want something, you’ve got to go get it-for yourself and for your team. That’s what it means to Protect This House,” said Kelsey Plum, Under Armour Athlete, Professional Basketball Player and now two-time back-to-back WNBA champion. Kelsey’s self proclaimed dawg mentality and  relentless pursuit to be the best not just for herself, but for her team, are proof that by putting in the work and believing in yourself, you can do just that, achieve greatness. 


This season’s playoffs run also put the momentum of women’s basketball in the spotlight. Game 3 of the playoff series in New York recorded an attendance of 17,143, bringing in more revenue than any game in WNBA history. 


It wasn’t just the championship team that shined bright this season. Earlier this month, the WNBA named Diamond Miller, a UA Basketball Athlete, to the 2023 All-Rookie Team. At the end of the regular season, Diamond led all rookies in free throw shooting, landed second in overall field goal percentage and scoring, fifth in rebounding and second in assists.

“The talent of these incredible athletes was on full display throughout the season. Kelsey, Cayla, Diamond, and our entire roster of female basketball athletes showed what it means to Protect This House. We’re proud of their accomplishments this season and look forward to continuing to put in the work both on and off the court to grow the game of basketball for the next generation of female athletes.”

Sean Eggert, SVP, Global Sports Marketing at Under Armour