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UA's No Brainer Bra and Bottom Pairings

Under Armour introduces new performance looks for a variety activities

UA's No Brainer Bra and Bottom Pairings

Under Armour introduces new performance looks for a variety activities

Mentally and physically gearing up for a workout is hard enough; picking out an outfit shouldn’t be. And while in today’s market, most sports apparel looks good, it’s often hard to tell what will actually be breathable, stretchy and supportive enough for your workout.

Under Armour’s bra-legging sets are paired together so you never have to have that ah-ha moment when you realize that you should have worn a stretchier pair of leggings to yoga, or when you go to bent-over-row during a HIIT class and wish you had a more supportive sports bra. However, not all pairings are created equal; each set is designed to meet the needs of a different workout. How do they work?

UA Vanish Collection

The UA Vanish collection is designed to act as a second skin so that you remain weightless during any yoga, barre or Pilates class, and everything in between, making it Under Armour’s most versatile collection for training.

Vanish is Under Armour’s fastest-drying and lightest-weight fabric. With no spandex in its composition, the Vanish material is revolutionary in its stretchable, eco-friendly design, while still being able to wick sweat extremely fast and feel weightless during a workout.

HeatGear Armour

HeatGear Armour is known for its breathable, lightweight feel that, when working in tandem with its compressive nature, makes weight training and agility work smooth and painless.

HeatGear Armour is supportive, yet allows for full-range of motion, and comes in both mid- and high-rise leggings, ankle crops, and capris. The fabric is unique in its ability to provide a feeling of security and perform well in warm temperatures. Designed for the heat, the polyester-spandex blend is able to recover quickly during intense exercise while remaining close-to-skin.

UA Breathelux

The UA Breathelux sets are soft and structured so that dancers and HIIT enthusiasts alike are comfortable yet supported during their workouts.

Breathelux is Under Armour’s most compressive fabric. These bra-legging sets hold everything in place and are incredibly flattering. The fabric’s double-knit construction is substantive, which is where the extra support comes in. All high-waisted, Breathelux leggings always include some sort of pocketing solution: whether a back-envelope pocket or side-hand pockets. The fabric doesn’t fray or ravel after multiple washes and has no seam lines, which means minimal distractions.

UA Fly-Fast Collection

The UA Fly-Fast collection boasts lightweight compression, for extra stability during an intense run. 

These bra-legging sets have unique ventilation built into their design and tighter silhouettes for more support and compression to hold muscle groups in place, promoting longer runs and ultimately better recovery.

A Chat with Alex Trakas

Still not sold on having the right workout gear? Under Armour Ambassador Alex Trakas (@lextrak13), former dancer and co-founder of Washington, D.C.’s Bash Boxing, weighs in. Having trained professionally for most of her life, she finds that certain workouts do require special outfits.

“When I’m boxing I need to wear something with compression in it, that’s going to support. You’re constantly moving. Sticking your punches and moving fast defensively with your slips and rolls .” she reveals. “The same goes if I’m taking one of my favorite cardio classes or lifting in the gym. Everything needs to hold. And different materials help in different classes.”

She stresses the importance of not only following trends, but wearing appropriate, supportive clothing.

“I hate when something is so sought after but actually isn’t good for you… The strappy bra trend is super cute, but you want to make sure you’re wearing it for the right occasion and it’s supporting you. When you lean forward, you want to make sure you’re fully supported and everything is held in.”

And, of course, getting dressed for a workout has to be as easy as possible.

“I like to work out in the morning,” Alex explains. “So I usually just throw my hair up in a ponytail and go. Under Armour’s matching sets are perfect because they’re just so easy.

Under Armour’s full selection of Bra and Bottoms are available on UA.com.  

Under Armour Ambassador Alex Trakas
Under Armour Ambassador Alex Trakas