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Ralph Walker, Stephen’s now retired personal security guard, holds the Curry 6 Thank You, Oakland colorway.
Ralph Walker, Stephen’s now retired personal security guard, holds the Curry 6 Thank You, Oakland colorway.

TO 30, FROM 30

Stephen Curry Offers His Gratitude to 30 Special People for His 10 Years in The Town

TO 30, FROM 30

Stephen Curry Offers His Gratitude to 30 Special People for His 10 Years in The Town

Oakland has long been a catalyst for change, as both a cultural hub and a haven for ingenuity. Within The Town beats the heart of a brass knuckle community. This is a friends and family over everything else sort of town. A place where allegiances are forged and promises kept.

With that understanding, it’s only fitting that Stephen Curry has become The Town’s adopted son. He’s delivered three NBA Championships here and formed unassailable bonds throughout the community. In honor of the lasting relationships created over his 10 years in The Town, Under Armour Basketball is introducing the Curry 6 Thank You, Oakland colorway. With the city’s name boldly featured on the side of the shoe, this shoe is a celebration of the nearly 426,000 people who call The Town home. And to further express his gratitude for the impact Oakland has made on his life, Stephen is extending a heartfelt gift to 30 special people to say, "Thank You."

As the Warriors head home to Oakland for Game 3 of the 2019 NBA Finals, Stephen personalized letters to each of the 30, taking time to thank them with this special delivery. Under Armour Basketball surprised a select few in Oakland, and their reactions are here in this short film.


The Curry 6 Thank You, Oakland colorway is dedicated to these individuals and all Oaklanders who, like Stephen, carry the same whatever-it-takes attitude day in and day out. People like Regina Jackson who, when asked to give her thoughts on Stephen, left these heartfelt words: “Stephen I want to thank you… this decade has been amazing in Oakland. And while you’re just across the pond, there will be no other time in our lives than this and it will be unforgettable for my staff, for our young people and their families and, oh yeah, for me.”

Oaklanders aren’t often given the benefit of the doubt. They have to show and prove, and that speaks to Stephen’s own story of perseverance over the past decade. 

Stephen will continue to carry Oakland with him through every momentous success, climbing the mountain of NBA royalty with its spirit attached to his fingertips. Through crushing defeats and glorious victories, there’s often a question of what keeps his battery charged. His dedication to craft, of course, and his faith and family are right at the top. But there's also Oakland – The Town.

This bond connecting Stephen to the people of Oakland formed from recognition of similarities in their spirits and, in the years that have followed, has become a full- fledged love affair. The Curry 6 Thank You, Oakland colorway is just a small token of his appreciation. No matter where Stephen goes, The Town will always be in his heart.


Bob Fitzgerald, Golden State Warriors TV Play-by-Play Broadcaster

Bob Myers, Golden State Warriors Basketball Operations President

Brett Yamaguchi, Golden State Warriors Senior Director, Game Experience

Charles Dexter, Oracle Arena Roam Team, Jones BBQ, Foot Massage

Chip Varela, Stephen’s Personal Driver

Curtis Jones, Oracle Arena Security Guard, throws Stephen the ball for his tunnel shot

Dale Garrison, Oracle Arena Roam Team, Jones BBQ, Foot Massage

Damon Poindexter, Oracle Arena Parking Attendant

DJ D Sharp, Golden State Warriors DJ

Don Nelson, Golden State Warriors Coach during Stephen’s rookie year

Donald Marzette, Golden State Warriors Practice Facility Security

Eric Housen, Golden State Warriors Director of Team Operations

George Henderson, Director of Bushrod Community Center

James Young, Golden State Warriors Shot Clock Operator 

Jas Leverette, Bay Area K9 Trainer and Dog Behaviorist at Cali K9

Jeff Addiego, Golden State Warriors Senior Director, Youth Camps

Jim Barnett, Golden State Warriors TV Color Analyst 

Joe Lacob, Golden State Warriors Chairman

John Shouts, Golden State Warriors and Stephen's Personal Vehicle Detailer

Jordan Jimenez, Bay Area-Based Photographer

Larry Riley, Former Golden State Warriors GM, current Atlanta Hawks Special Advisor

Laurence Scott, Golden State Warriors Team Videographer

Matt Hurwitz, former Golden State Warriors PA Announcer

Nanea McGuigan, Golden State Warriors Director of Basketball Administration & Player Programs

Norm Davis, Oracle Arena security Guard

Peter Guber, Golden State Warriors Owner

Ralph Walker, Stephen’s Now Retired Personal Security Guard

Raymond Ridder, Golden State Warriors SVP, Communications

Regina Jackson, President of East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC)

Yusef Wright, Curator & Barber at Benny Adem Grooming Parlor