Understanding the Benefits of Infrared Technology

Under Armour prides itself on providing innovative products that make focused performers better. We are particularly proud of the innovation that has gone into our UA RUSH™ products, which are designed and engineered with infrared technology that recycles an athlete’s own energy.


While the innovation found in the UA RUSH™ collection is unique to Under Armour, the practice of embedding infrared technology into clothing is not. Around the world, apparel embedded with infrared technology can be found and purchased.


For athletes considering if UA RUSH™ products would be right for them, or consumers looking for more information on the science behind items engineered with infrared technology, Under Armour would like to provide access to several studies that show the benefits of infrared technology when applied to apparel. 


To download a compilation of select clinical, technical and physical studies involving apparel engineered with infrared technology, provided by leading technology developer and Under Armour partner Celliant, please visit the following link: a compilation of published studies on the effects of infrared technology in clothing.


In 2019, Under Armour partnered with Celliant to create UA RUSH™, a mineral-infused fabric designed to enhance performance, giving athletes that extra edge by continually recycling the body's energy. Read more here: UA RUSH™ -- SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED. ATHLETE PROVEN.


During performance, the body emits heat. The responsive UA RUSH™ fabric absorbs that heat and converts it into infrared energy that is re-emitted back into the body. This recycled energy increases temporary localized blood flow, promoting improved performance, energy and recovery in healthy individuals.


Since the launch of the collection, athletes have continued to use UA RUSH™ technology to train for their biggest moments. To explore more UA RUSH™ products, click here.