UA RUSH Curry, O'Hara, Joshua

UA RUSH Curry, O'Hara, Joshua


Margin of Victory

UA Digs Deep to Discover How Stephen Curry, Kelley O’Hara and Anthony Joshua Sustain Greatness

What do you do when you’re the top competitor in your field? You’ve spent years climbing, silencing rivals and doubters along the way. Staying at the top, though, is the hardest part. The bullseye is on your back, and you need every advantage to stay one step ahead of the field.


"The mindset I have when I’m training is to constantly beat myself. There is always room for improvement. Anything I can find to make myself better and maximize my execution - from recovery, to nutrition, to performance - I’m going to find a way to get better, every day."

Stephen Curry

To get a deeper understanding of how the world’s best athletes get even better, Under Armour created a compelling documentary, Margin of Victory, that explores training through the eyes of some of the world’s most accomplished athletes as they prepare for their biggest moments: Stephen Curry, three-time NBA champion, as he competes in the finals for the fifth straight year; Kelley O’Hara, World Cup champion soccer player, as she trains for the World Cup in June; and Anthony Joshua, heavyweight champion of the world, leading up to his first U.S. title this week.


The documentary explores the myriad ways these athletes find an edge over their competitors, including UA RUSH performance gear, made with responsive textiles scientifically designed to enhance performance when worn at the time of sweat.



"The margins between world class athletes are so razor thin; it takes intense effort and meaningful awareness to discover the keys to separation," says Dr. Michael Gervais, Ph.D. High Performance Psychologist. "The professionals who dedicate their lives to mastery find how to unlock those marginal gains, which can mean the difference in achieving legendary, championship-worthy success. Once unlocked, those insights and skills can then be practiced by anyone who wants to get better in their own life pursuits."


UA enlisted esteemed Gotham Chopra, one of the world’s premier sports documentarians who, as director, was able to get into the minds of these elite athletes in order to share their training journey with the world.


"Athletes have an unparalleled way of thinking and intense, visceral determination at their core. It’s what allows them to reach the next level, the most elite level, of sport. With the best in the world, winning boils down to marginal gains – every little bit counts. 'Margin of Victory' shows these athletes at their peaks and their most vulnerable moments, with the hope of inspiring everyone out there to pursue their own dreams."

Gotham Chopra, Director

The documentary premiered for the first time at the UA RUSH Performance Lab opening night in NYC on Thursday, May 30. The interactive pop-up experience is a manifestation of the fabric technology in the UA RUSH gear and gives consumers a taste of the training exercises UA does with their elite athletes at their human performance center in Portland, OR. The space will be open to consumers May 31 and June 1. 


“At Under Armour, our relentless pursuit of developing innovative products is aimed not just at elite athletes, but towards all people striving to meet their fitness and life goals," says Attica Jaques, SVP Global Brand Management of Under Armour. "By creating this documentary with acclaimed director Gotham Chopra, as part of the larger UA RUSH campaign, we’re opening a window into the world of three iconic global athletes during critical moments in their careers and making their journey accessible. "