Omen Colorway Represents Perseverance and Rising Above Trying Times

Joel Embiid has faced some difficult times in his short life. 


Just ahead of the 2014 NBA Draft, he suffered a stress fracture in his right foot. Joel was selected No. 3 when most experts had him pegged as a No. 1 overall pick.  This injury ultimately sidelined him for his debut season in the NBA. 


But, this setback paled in comparison to what came next. A few months after the draft, Joel received news that his 13-year-old brother Arthur died in their homeland of Cameroon in a car accident. Joel hadn’t seen the younger Embiid in nearly three years as a result of his continued pursuit of a basketball career. 


While rehabbing from physical injury was tolerable, recuperating from emotional damage was a more burdensome endeavor. Injured, heartbroken and struggling to adjust to his new home, Joel contemplated retiring from basketball before even playing one professional game.


Unfortunately, Joel wasn’t able to draw much confidence from his new team. Like the promising big man, the 76ers were enduring back-to-back losses. And, he could do nothing but watch from the bench as they totaled 17 straight defeats and an 18-64 finish during the 2014-15 season. 


Then, due to some unexpected complications in his recovery, Joel was forced to miss his second season. Pundits and commentators alike shared their doubts about Joel’s ability to ever reach the hardwood. The whole time, he thought about returning to Africa and starting over. 


Instead of giving up, Joel embraced his vulnerability and dedicated himself to making it onto the court and Arthur proud. Those early, challenging moments would translate into positive foreshadowing in Joel’s journey. 


Arthur Embiid, in a photo shared by Joel.

Amid the darkness, he would find light and a way to push through. It was all part of the process. 


"Sometimes, it just takes a while to recognize the light breaking through the darkness. And when we do, we all have the strength within us to push through."

Joel Embiid

The UA Embiid One Omen speaks to the times where Joel drew strength from several especially onerous occurrences. Omen features a midnight blue light-weight upper mesh layered with bright red highlights - a dynamic combination that symbolizes how light can find its way through the darkness. The pull tab includes a red crow, further signifying the strength we have to embrace and overcome inevitable challenges. 


"All of the Embiid One colorways are like different chapters in my life. This new colorway is inspired by those challenging times in my life and what it took to finally make it onto the court."

Joel Embiid

The UA Embiid One Omen colorway supports all five positions on the court. It leverages proprietary UA HOVR™ and Micro G® cushioning technologies in the midsole to offer both support and flexibility. The dark gray, specially designed TPU support wings offer additional midfoot stability. 


The UA Embiid One Omen colorway will release in North America for $120 USD adult and $90 USD grade school via UA.com, UA Brand Houses, and Eastbay.com on November 9. Learn more about the Embiid One here, and read about Act 1 and Act 2 of the Embiid One colorway stories.