Curry 8 “Golden Flow”

Look Good, Do Good, Be Golden

Gold remains one of the most sought after things on the planet. But it’s more than just a decorative element or precious metal. Its value remains highly regarded, and we - literally - bet the bank on it.


It never tarnishes. It doesn’t corrode. And it’s synonymous with excellence and the pinnacle of achievement. Quite frankly, nothing else measures up.


So, it should come as no surprise that gold, in all of its shining glory, is heavily featured in the latest Curry Flow 8 colorway, “Golden Flow.” For Curry Brand and Under Armour, the gold standard goes beyond making a best-in-class technologically innovative hoops shoe (which has been achieved in the Curry Flow 8.)


Excellence is also calculated by the impact the brand and its namesake sneakers can have both on and off the court. Curry Brand’s latest drop doesn’t just look good; it glowingly delivers upon the brand’s ambitious endeavor to leave a permanent, positive, and progressive impact on the community.


For the release of the Curry 8 “Golden Flow” colorway, Curry Brand has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), as part of the Brand’s larger, global goals for the next five years.


The national non-profit - headquartered in the Bay Area - is designed to be a catalyst for a positive youth sports culture in communities across the country.  Specifically, this partnership will start in Oakland by supporting all coaches within the Oakland Unified School District and Oakland’s Parks and Recreation departments but will inevitably grow to impact coaches throughout the nation.  


Curry Brand recognizes that quality coaches help create a positive youth sports culture within their communities. Together with PCA, the brand will provide training and resources to coaches, parents, athletes, and leaders to ensure a positive character-building experience for all.


Curry Brand will honor eight leaders who are using sports programs to bring access and opportunity to local youth, giving homage to the coaches, administrators and mentors who play an integral role in their communities, and developing the next leaders of the game.


Because these community leaders are the gold standard, we will recognize their contributions with an exclusive pair of “24k” Curry Flow 8s, custom-designed by artist Dan Life, an acclaimed artist whose nostalgic and jeweler-like compositions are recognized around the globe. These shoes are as rarified as the coaches who will be receiving them - only 25 models exist in the world.


Additionally, recipients will find a golden ticket enclosed that is a notification of Grant funding which will support the on-going efforts of these individuals and provide resources so that they can continue to mold the leaders and athletes of tomorrow - just like Stephen’s coaches did early in his life and his career.  


A pair of the “24k” Curry Flow 8s, custom-designed by artist Dan Life.

A pair of the “24k” Curry Flow 8s, custom-designed by artist Dan Life.

One of the eight recipients is Jeremy Murphy – a Chicago native – who first entered the Union League Boys and Girls Club (ULBGC) as a club kid at age 6.  Later, in part due to the support of his mentors and coaches, he started his first job there at the age of 17 as the part-time assistant in the gym. Following college, he returned to fulfill his desire and vision to help lead the next generation using the power of sport. Amongst many roles in his current position as Sr. Club Director at ULBGC, Jeremy supports the Building Bridges Through Basketball program in Chicago, as an organizer and coach, bringing together youth and law enforcement for basketball clinics and leadership activities to explore concepts such as identity, diversity and stereotyping, and to teach skills such as empathy, conflict resolution and teamwork.


“I believe coaching is the best form of mentorship. As a child growing up in the inner city of Chicago being one of nine siblings raised by a single mother, sports and positive coaches changed the trajectory of my life,” said Murphy. “Almost every child who has played sports can remember that one coach who challenged them to be the best person they can be. There are many young people who do not have positive role models and you will be amazed at how far a kid can go in life when you believe in them. So I use coaching and sports as a vehicle to instill hope and to help them understand the ‘game of life.’”


We must understand that the youth cannot BE what they cannot SEE, and they will not care how much you KNOW, unless they can feel how much you CARE.”

Jeremy Murphy, Chicago Union League Boys and Girls Club

And the best part is that this is only the beginning for Curry Brand. By 2025, the Curry Brand aims to create at least 20 safe places to play, support 125 programs that impact young athletes, and deliver opportunities to train more than 15,000 coaches—making an overall impact on more than 100,000 youth. 


More about the Curry 8 Golden Flow:


The new gold standard in hoop shoes pays homage to Stephen’s journey and the coaches, mentors and events that drove him along the way. On the sockliner of the Curry 8 “Golden Flow,” Stephen’s journey to becoming one of the game’s greatest players is told with a nod to the people that motivated him, including “DavidsonTCC” which is the abbreviated phrase preached by Coach Bob McKillop meaning “Trust, Commitment, Care."


The Curry 8 “Golden Flow” colorway reflects the brand’s gold standard: performance powering purpose. It features the new UA Flow cushioning technology, which provides unreal grip and prevents skidding, slipping, and squeaking. 


The sneaker will be released globally on December 17 via currybrand.com and at UA Brand Houses and select retail partners for $160 USD. 


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