Our Commitment to Change

Stand for Equality. It’s not just one of our core values at Under Armour. It’s how we show up for our teammates, Focused Performers and our communities.  


Last year, we re-examined our commitments and re-affirmed the importance of our ‘Stand for Equality’ value. As a result, we made the very necessary decision to accelerate our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy. As part of our ongoing efforts, in July 2020, we published our accelerated DE&I commitments and our representation statistics, with the goal of operating transparently and driving accountability across our business.   


Today, we share our DE&I efforts to date, because now more than ever, it’s about action and accountability. As a result of our DE&I efforts and accelerated goals, here are a few of the improvements we have made to support our BIPOC teammates.  


  • Improved our BIPOC representation and succession slates:  
  • In our community, we have continued our commitment to invest 40% of our portfolio with Black-led organizations. 

In addition to improvements in our teammate representation, a significant component of our commitments is providing ongoing authentic educational opportunities for teammates across the globe. One example is a recurring global, mandatory inclusion series which includes discussions on anti-racism, racial justice, and inclusive business practices. We also implemented training for our Director and above levels focused on improving their cultural competency and inclusive leadership skills.  


Under Armour will continue to be a part of these open and transparent conversations, and we commit to continuing our progress so that our teammates, and Focused Performers are not only welcome, valued, supported, and heard, but also have the equitably opportunity to succeed and thrive. 


To learn more about our DE&I efforts, please visit the About UA site here