CEO Patrik Frisk Awarded Sporting Goods Industry Leader of the Year Award

“For extraordinary achievements in times when leadership matters the most, Patrik has motivated and guided a global team to overcome turbulent challenges and reached highly impressive results,” said Martin Kössler, Huginbiz founder and CEO.


Frisk also joined Claudia Klingelhöfer, Chief Digital Officer of EDM publications (publisher of Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe) to discuss Under Armour’s strategy for the future, the importance of global growth, and leading with purpose.

Image Courtesy of Sussi Lorinder, Patrik Frisk

Under Armour Chief Executive Officer, Patrik Frisk was awarded the 2021 Sporting Goods Industry Leader of The Year Award at Sweden’s Sports Industry Day, hosted by Huginbiz. The inaugural award was presented by the publication Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe


"I am grateful to Under Armour’s teammates around the world, my leadership team and mentors who have helped make such success possible. We will always be challenged as leaders, but if there's one thing I know, you have to trust the team you have built, and ensure that at all times, you lead with purpose and innovation," said Frisk.


The award is a tribute to leaders in the sport industry who drive collaboration across sectors and open doors for European sport and outdoor companies in global markets. Born in Sweden, Frisk has exemplified leadership of a global community and the meaning of purpose-driven business.