As Women’s Basketball Evolves, Under Armour Answers the Call

Under Armour’s Flow Breakthru 3 Provides Versatility and Support Tailored to Women’s Basketball MVPs

The steps of the female athlete are freshly-pioneered and all her own. Female basketball stars set a new course for the sport every time they step onto the court—their direction unmoored by men’s sports. There may be no better example than women’s basketball. In recent years, it’s become an entirely new game. As players move towards a position-less role and star power on the court increases, female athletes need a versatile shoe that not only heightens their performance but shows off their style and personality.


Enter the UA Flow Breakthru 3: innovative footwear tailored to the specific needs and individual expression of female MVPs on the basketball court. Few players exemplify this combination of personal style and gametime performance like the face of this third generation shoe, power forward and NCAA Champion Aliyah Boston.

“A shoe specifically designed for Women’s Basketball means a lot for our game. The fact that the UA Flow Breakthru 3s are made with our needs and success in mind means they’ll help not only me, but all female basketball players, continue to grow and learn new things about who we are on the court.”

Aliyah Boston, 2022 NCAA Champion & Power Forward at the University of South Carolina

Like previous lines, the Flow Breakthru 3 is tailored to the female foot and designed specifically with her in mind. The shoe prioritizes breathability and adapts to the different shape, heightened flexibility, and increased sensory receptors in a woman’s foot. The shoe has always been incredibly light to ensure athletes are never slowed down or restricted in their movements. However, the Breakthru 3 provides even more support in the lateral toe and arch while maintaining flexibility on her foot and on the court. As female basketball stars diversify their roles in the game, this shoe has the versatility to carry them through each action, allowing athletes to confidently perform, reach their full potential, and strive for more. Lastly, the Flow Breakthru 3 is designed to let athletes show off their personal style. An array of bright colors and energetic textures make this line stand out for athletes who want to express themselves on and off the court.


“It’s essential that we provide tools that allow our athletes to perform at the highest level and that is what we have created with the Flow Breakthru 3. This shoe isn’t just designed with women in mind, it’s tailored to the most recent evolutions in the game of basketball. So the athletes that wear them are always one step ahead.”

Gabe Heller, Director of Basketball Footwear at Under Armour

The adaptability and authenticity that the Breakthru 3 inspires is encapsulated by one player in particular. Known for her brightly-colored hair and sneakers as well as her outstanding record at the University of South Carolina, Aliyah Boston knows the importance of mixing style with skill. “I like to be bright and I like to be seen,” Boston says. “If you start mixing, matching different colors it’s the first thing your competition notices.” Athletes like Aliyah Boston and her entire team at the University of South Carolina are both part of the inspiration for and the mission of the Flow Breakthru 3 line.

The Flow Breakthru 3 is now available at UA.com and DICK’s Sporting Goods, the official retail partner of the WNBA.