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Curry Brand Completes 12th Court Revitalization in New York City

Curry Brand finishes its twelfth court refurbishment at the DREAM Charter School East Harlem in New York City

Curry Brand, powered by Under Armour, completed its twelfth court refurbishment at DREAM Charter School East Harlem in New York City as part of the brand’s mission to impact 100,000 youth and renovate 20 safe places to play by 2025. The unveiling of the Curry Court 012 coincided with Stephen Curry’s in-season stop in New York City so he was able to be present for the special moment and surprise 50 DREAM middle school students on hand for the event. To break in the new court, Curry Brand partnered with the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) to put on a basketball clinic for the students, who spent the afternoon running through fun drills and skill stations in their new Under Armour gear and Curry Brand sneakers, the Bruce Lee Curry 11’s, all donated for the event. 

Curry Court
Curry Court
Stephen Curry on Basketball Court

Back in December 2021, when Stephen broke the all-time three-point record, and as part of the brand’s ongoing mission, Curry Brand announced that it would build safe places for youth to play in the three following locations: 1) the greater Charlotte area, the origin of Stephen’s basketball career, 2) the Bay Area, which Stephen and his family have called home throughout his time in the NBA, and 3) New York City, where Stephen broke the record at Madison Square Garden.  


As Stephen and Curry Brand considered different courts to renovate in New York City, DREAM Charter Schools rose to the top of the list. Curry Brand has a longstanding history of working with the school through some of its key partners, Good Sports and Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). The school is a recipient of Good Sports equipment and gear donations, and all their coaches have or will receive PCA training, which equips coaches with the tools to be positive motivators and role models. 


The refurbishment of Curry Court 012 at the DREAM Charter School East Harlem marks the third and final court from that joint commitment, Curry Brand having completed Curry Court 009 in 2022 at the Ada Jenkins Center in Charlotte and Curry Court 010 in 2023 at the Oakland Academy of Knowledge. This renovation especially embodies Curry Brand’s 360° approach to community impact, providing not only a new and safe space for play but also ensuring access to proper equipment and positive coaching and mentorship.   

“That’s what we at Curry Brand aim to do, to continue to provide safe spaces for each and every one of you to come and play in your community and be with your peers. We want you to know that there’s support for you to reach your full potential.”

-Stephen Curry addressing the students at DREAM Charter School

Basketball Gym inside

Curry Court 009 - Ada Jenkins Center in Charlotte

Outdoor basketball court

Curry Court 010 - Oakland Academy of Knowledge

As the new court is now open and ready for use, Curry Brand will continue its partnership with DREAM Charter Schools, providing ongoing programming and uniform support. Curry Brand and Under Armour will continue to find ways to support the next generation of young athletes in New York City and beyond.