UA StealthForm Hat

Introducing The Hat Only Under Armour Could Make

Under Armour launches the first-of-its-kind UA StealthForm Hat

Under Armour continues to push the boundaries of innovation as it develops products that athletes cannot live without. It’s already been a busy year for Under Armour but the performance brand isn’t stopping now—Under Armour is excited to introduce the UA StealthForm Hat, a foldable travel-friendly hat engineered to fit your head, breathe easy, and wick sweat all year round. The hat is anatomically molded with seamless construction for a custom fit—and, with its unstructured design, it’s washable and completely packable, snapping back into shape with no creases with ease. Smash it in a ball and it bounces right back. This is the hat only Under Armour could make.


It’s the perfect style for the on-the-go athlete who needs a hat as adaptive as they are. It weighs next to nothing but has just the right amount of structure — so it looks great all the time. The UA StealthForm Hat lets you take performance in stride, bouncing back from long days coaching or competing and looking good while doing it. The UA Iso-Chill™ interior wicks sweat all-around, so it always feels cool. The ultra-lightweight and breathable sweatband, Iso-Chill interior, laser perforation for added breathability, and low-profile adjustable back closure make it perfect for year-round play and sport.

UA StealthForm Hat

Feels Like It's Floating

UA StealthForm Hat

Breathes Easy

UA StealthForm Hat

Fits Any Headshape

The hat was designed based directly on feedback from UA athletes like major champion golfer Jordan Spieth, who acted as the main point for product testing. The hat is perfect for a pro’s long day on the course—with its crushability and ability to snap right back into shape with no creases, golfers can throw it into their golf bag, and it’ll be good as new for the next day of swings. Spieth, who will be wearing the hat on the course this season, will even get a custom version later this year with his on-course logo.

“The StealthForm is the most comfortable hat that I’ve ever worn. Seriously. I tried it on and knew I couldn’t wait to wear it on the course.”

Jordan Spieth, UA Athlete & Major Champion Golfer

UA StealthForm Hat

Under Armour is proud to be the first to make a molded hat suitable for high-intensity performance. Designers worked closely to ensure that the UA StealthForm would positively disrupt the apparel industry by offering a never-before-seen hat that athletes cannot live without. 


Although this hat is designed with golf innovation in mind, it is also part of UA’s general innovation efforts, making it well suited for any performance or lifestyle needs. The StealthForm itself was even inspired by UA’s renowned sports-bra technology, which has been used for UA’s top innovations, most notably the SpeedForm shoe collection, the Curry 2’s from UA’s Curry Brand, and the Sportsmask Featherweight, which has been a best seller since it first launched.

“StealthForm is truly a hat that only Under Armour can make and the most comfortable you’ll ever wear. Under Armour is a brand that was born out of performance-driven innovation, and we’re proud to launch StealthForm as the next product developed to help solve problems athletes face in their journeys to compete.”

Tobiah Taylor, Director of Accessories at Under Armour

UA StealthForm Hat
UA StealthForm Hat

UA has developed hundreds of patents for technology through the years designed to enable athletes to perform at the top of their game. These technologies are at work across footwear, apparel and accessories, and the StealthForm hat is no exception. 


The UA StealthForm Hat is available for purchase on in three colorways and will launch in more colorways and in select UA Brand House doors through July 2024.