HOVR Suite Graphic_SS19

HOVR Suite Graphic_SS19


MORE from Under Armour Run

In 2019 Under Armour Run is Giving Athletes More

More shoes. More HOVR. More digital connectivity. Available in more countries around the world.


Recognizing that every runner is different with a unique set of needs, Under Armour is launching a full suite of high performance running shoes built on the UA HOVR™ cushioning platform. In addition to creating a footwear solution for every kind of run, Under Armour is committed to giving athletes the tools they need to push themselves beyond what they think is possible. That is why every single one of these high performance running shoes is digitally connected, allowing the runner to seamlessly connect their shoe to the MapMyRun™ app, unlocking access to the runner’s performance data and personalized coaching. The full suite of connected footwear will be available around the world for every runner – from Beijing to São Paulo to Baltimore. (click here to learn more about connected footwear)


Having the proper footwear is paramount for all runners – whether someone is a professional runner competing at the highest level, or a new runner buying their first pair of run shoes to train for their first 10K. Taking care of the body is a necessity, and Under Armour’s new suite of UA HOVR run shoes are designed with that in mind.


The UA HOVR run suite for Spring 2019 features five different running shoes:



The UA HOVR Infinite is the foundation and anchor of the UA HOVR Run footwear suite. As a neutral cushion, plush balanced-trainer, the shoe is called the UA HOVR Infinite because it was created for distance training, and to provide the runner with a consistent underfoot feel through an infinite number of miles. Under Armour set out to design and build an ultra-performance shoe that would meet the demands and needs of goal oriented runners. Every detail was considered to provide more comfort and more support.


The UA HOVR Guardian is a stability shoe named for its unique ability to help manage over-pronation. With DNA similar to the UA HOVR Infinite, the UA HOVR Guardian is built for long distance training.


The UA HOVR Velociti 2 is a tempo trainer, providing the runner a smooth, light and snappy ride. The shoe is an evolution from the original Velociti model and has been updated with the HOVR cushioning platform.


The UA HOVR Sonic 2 is the perfect blend of cushion and flex, and is all about the smooth & easy ride.  Feature updates from the original HOVR Sonic include an enhanced cushioning of the tongue for more lockdown over the top of the foot.


The UA HOVR Phantom SE is the “sport edition” of the Phantom Series that features improved breathability and a more anatomically shaped collar, while maintaining the luxury ride feel of the plush 3D molded foot-bed and midfoot structure.


UA HOVR cushioning was inspired by gravity. The fact that every step/stride has the impact of at least 2-to-4 times a runner's body weight drove Under Armour to develop a solution that would absorb the impact and return that energy for extra bounce. UA HOVR makes every stride feel light and effortless, ultimately propelling the runner forward.


In 2018, Under Armour launched UA HOVR, making it the brand’s third cushioning platform, following Micro G™ and Charged Cushioning™. In partnership with Dow Chemical, Under Armour developed the proprietary UA HOVR foam compound that provides an incredibly cushioned ride with energy return and shock absorption with every foot strike. 


During the development process, Under Armour and Dow discovered that the foam compound under foot needed to be contained. The solution: An energy web to contain the foam, coupled with a rim and core construction around the perimeter.


The soft cushion core of UA HOVR with the energy web containing the foam resulted in a more durable foam that provides a premium cushioned feel, and energy return for the runner.


In the past, softer meant slower, and higher energy return meant firmer and less comfortable. Under Armour has changed that with UA HOVR – the perfect balance of both. Now, there is a UA HOVR shoe for everyone - from the runner looking for extra support to the speed-focused athlete looking for a shoe for their tempo days.