The Only Way Is Through Podcast Georgia Ellenwood

The Only Way Is Through Podcast Georgia Ellenwood


The Only Way Is Through Podcast

Under Armour Launches Podcast Series That Grants Access to Athletes and the Sweat Behind Their Success

Under Armour is thrilled to announce its new podcast, The Only Way Is Through. The project, produced in partnership with iHeartRadio, drops listeners inside the lives of elite athletes who constantly push themselves to be greater than they were yesterday.


The eight-episode series offers Under Armour a platform, as part of their recently launched “The Only Way Is Through” campaign, to tell the inspiring stories of some the world’s most elite achievers.


Normally, people only get the chance to witness the tremendous feats and accomplishments of the world’s finest athletes during competition, when the spotlight is on—but rarely see the training and recovery that contributes to their success. The Only Way Is Through podcast is knocking down that barrier, giving everyone access into the world of elite athletes, their stories and mentors, to help listeners recognize that whatever the goal may be, whatever obstacles may lie ahead, you must endure to become better and stronger. 


Each episode will feature some of the world’s most accomplished and compelling athletes, their coaches, and other critical figures in their lives, offering listeners exclusive content that aims to educate, entertain and most importantly, motivate.




Hosted by New York Times best-selling author and renowned journalist Cal Fussman, listeners will ride along on the intimate and personal improvement journeys through storytelling from a diverse and varied roster of athletes.The first episode features a heptathlon competitor, Georgia Ellenwood, as she reflects on her journey from collegiate champion to professional athlete, as well as the trials and tribulations she’ll face as she pursues the sport's biggest stage.


“'The Only Way Is Through' is unlike anything else available right now. Under Armour is providing an avenue for people around the world to learn from those who have achieved at such a high level.”

Cal Fussman

The Only Way Is Through is recorded and engineered to be full of grit and insights. Listeners will be brought along with some of sports’ biggest names and exposed to the sounds of their routines, conversations, emotions and the work they push themselves through each and every day. Tune in to discover ways the best of the best hurdle obstacles and overcome adversity, and learn how you can implement their shared lessons to achieve your own success. 


Episodes with Georgia Ellenwood and Natasha Hastings are available now on iHeartRadio