Navy Football Uniforms

Under Armour Unveils Custom Navy Football Uniforms Ahead of 2023 Army-Navy Game

Midshipmen Will Adorn Eclipse Navy Uniforms Inspired by the U.S. Submarine Fleet

The Army–Navy football game, presented by USAA, an enduring and cherished tradition in American sports, is about to see its 124th match-up. This epic showdown not only symbolizes the fierce rivalry between two of the nation's most esteemed military academies but also serves as a poignant reminder of the camaraderie and shared commitment of these future leaders in uniform. Under Armour, renowned for its innovation in athletic apparel, will once again partner with the Navy football team to outfit the Midshipmen. The 2023 Navy uniforms draw inspiration from the covert yet awe-inspiring appearance of the U.S. Submarine Fleet to pay tribute to the silent heroes of the deep, adding a new layer of symbolism and pride to this age-old tradition.

Navy Football Uniforms
Navy Football Uniforms
Navy Football Uniforms

“Crafting custom game-day uniforms is more than just stitching fabric; it's weaving a tradition of strength and honor with a touch of swagger. Under Armour is proud of our nearly decade-long partnership with the United States Naval Academy and incredibly honored to suit up with the Midshipmen as they take on Army in this year’s football match-up.”

Sean Eggert, Senior Vice President of Global Sports Marketing at Under Armour

The Silent Service

This year’s Navy football uniforms will showcase a head-to-toe Eclipse Navy look that pays homage to the silent, yet powerful presence of the U.S. Submarine Fleet. Intricate design elements evoke the rich maritime heritage of the Naval Academy, featuring a locker tag with the "Silent Service'' submarine logo, and the Naval Academy logo proudly adorning the sleeves. What truly sets this uniform apart is the inclusion of the Sub Warfare Dolphin Insignia, representing the expertise and valor of the Navy's submariners. The attention to detail doesn't stop there, as every helmet has been custom-painted by Pennsylvania artist Fanny Drummond of Paint Zoo Studios, adding a personalized touch that elevates the design to an art form. Additionally, Under Armour is creating custom cleats and gloves, adding a layer of pride and identity to the players who will proudly wear these exceptional uniforms on the gridiron.

“This year’s design focuses on mimicking the purposes and aesthetics of a U.S. Submarine; covert, streamlined, utilitarian, and powerful. From 100 feet away, the uniforms are a strikingly intimidating single-color silhouette. From 5 feet away, clandestine details reveal themselves to close-range opponents, which evokes the stealth and gravitas of the Navy’s ‘Silent Service.”

Adam Dougherty, Under Armour Senior Graphic Designer

Adam Dougherty, Navy Football Uniforms
Adam Dougherty, Navy Football Uniforms

Behind the Seams

This is Under Armour Designer Adam Dougherty’s fourth year contributing to the design of the Army-Navy game uniform. How did he land on the 2023 design? By digging deep into what it means to serve our country undersea. Beyond submarines, the Annapolis campus landmarks, such as the USS Paddle Bell and the Submarine Memorial, influenced his design, creating a visually striking and tactically covert aesthetic. For Adam, the Army-Navy game is more than a football matchup; it's a 133-year-old American tradition recognizing future officers' efforts to lead and protect our country.

“The excitement around these uniforms isn't just about looking good on the field—it's about wearing a piece of our story, stitched with the spirit of every sailor and student who bleeds blue and gold. It's not just a uniform; it's a statement, and we can't wait to let the whole nation see it unfold thanks to Under Armour."

Chet Gladchuk, Director of Athletics at the United States Naval Academy

Navy Football Uniforms

Product With a Purpose

With a product that carries a profound purpose, this year's Navy football uniforms will be accessible to fans nationwide—available for purchase on Under Armour's website and through retailers across the country. The tradition of these uniforms extends beyond the football field and resonates with Under Armour's unwavering commitment to supporting the armed forces through the UA Freedom collection, which provides an accrual of proceeds directly to veteran-led organizations like Team Rubicon and the National Military Family Association, among others. What’s more, this season’s UA Navy apparel features high-performance cotton tees and updated fleece offerings that celebrate the Navy's heritage, allowing fans to show their support for the team and wear a piece of history that represents the very essence of the Naval Academy's heritage, tradition and values.


The submarine-inspired look of this year’s Navy uniforms holds the promise of pushing the Midshipmen to perform at their full potential and bring home the W. This game is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the young men and women who will one day serve our nation, with Under Armour’s commitment to the U.S. armed forces shining through as well. Don't forget to tune in to CBS on December 9th at 3:00 PM ET when the game takes place at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. It's a celebration of tradition, valor, and the indomitable spirit of our armed forces.