Sebastián Cordova

Mexican Soccer Champion Sebastián Cordova Joins the Under Armour Athlete Roster

With the signing of the Mexican midfielder, the brand reaffirms its commitment to the future of soccer in Mexico and the United States

Under Armour welcomes Mexican soccer player and current La Liga MX champion Sebastian Cordova to its athlete roster. Córdova, who also plays for Mexico’s National Soccer Team, will be part of the brand’s soccer campaigns in both Mexico and the Hispanic markets in the United States.

“Joining Under Armour’s athlete roster in Mexico and the United States is a tremendous honor for me, especially in the face of the very exciting moment that soccer is experiencing in both countries. We are on the verge of very important soccer events in the upcoming years, and having the support of Under Armour, a solid brand with such advanced technology, fills me with immense joy."

Sebastián Córdova, Under Armour Athlete

Sebastián Cordova

Prior to the announcement of his collaboration with the brand, the Mexican athlete has already been playing both national team and club matches with Under Armour's Shadow Pro footwear. This shoe is designed for soccer players like him, who bring speed and precision to the field of play.


Córdova expressed himself as “excited to work with the Under Armor team to grow the sport of soccer in the United States, representing all the Mexican fans who live in that country.”


On the brand’s side, Under Armour's Director for Mexico, Alejandra García, stated that “we are extremely excited to add Sebastián Córdova to the Under Armour family. As an athlete, he represents the generational change that we are experiencing not only on the playing field, but in the sports industry at large. Together we represent a new generation in this exciting sport."

Sebastián Cordova

Córdova, who has played 15 games with the senior team and scored three goals and three assists, is experiencing a very exciting moment in his career, becoming a favorite amongst Mexican fans inside and outside of the country. With his Club he won the Liga MX in 2023 and his contribution in the current defense of the title has been important. He was key in achieving Tigres’ eighth crown, and was consistently present on the scoreboard.


In this context, Under Armour is proud to present Sebastián Córdova as its new brand athlete, contributing to its promising future with the best technology in sports clothing and footwear.