Nothing Hits Like the Original: Under Armour HeatGear OG

UA introduces the next generation of athletes to the original fit and fabric of the iconic performance baselayer that started it all

It takes an original to change everything. Athletes have always taken pride in representing their team and sporting their colors. But any player who rises earlier than the sun to start practice and leaves only as the gym lights wink out understands that what really matters is what’s underneath. The grit, heart, and gear that lies under it all is what takes an athlete from an underdog to an All-Star. Now, Under Armour is returning to its roots and bringing back the performance baselayer that changed everything.

“UA HeatGear makes me feel like I’m myself in the game. It has that thick and comfortable style that you can rely on in the cold or even in the heat. The OG performance baselayer allows me to go out on the field, be myself, and perform my best.”

Justin Jefferson, Professional Football Player and UA Athlete

HeatGear is a fundamental part of Under Armour’s legacy of outfitting the best and boldest athletes. Since its 1996 debut, HeatGear has changed the way players ready themselves for the game ahead and get in touch with the passion that’s led them to this point. When HeatGear was introduced 27 years ago, the idea of a performance baselayer was unfamiliar and undervalued. But soon the masses would realize that this apparel gives athletes the edge to push beyond their limits and feel like they can do anything. The new HeatGear OG utilizes the fit and fabric of the 1996 apparel – it’s thicker, more compressive, and ultra-cooling. This iteration brings Under Armour’s learnings and the needs of a new generation of athletes to life within the iconic cut of the original HeatGear.


"HeatGear is one of the most iconic pieces of sports apparel ever created, it’s what started it all for Under Armour. It changed the way athletes dress forever. That’s why we’re so excited to bring back the first HeatGear we ever made and introduce it to the next generation of athletes. HeatGear OG is the perfect example of UA’s mission: providing athletes with the performance gear they need to feel their best and compete at the highest level. After all, nothing hits like the Original! "

Dan Leraris, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Apparel at Under Armour

In honor of the apparel that built the brand, Under Armour will be releasing a limited number of HeatGear OG tops over the next few months. Going back to their 1996 roots is a representation of how UA owns their origin story while reveling in how far they’ve come. Before hashtags, retweets, and social media statuses, this performance baselayer was making waves in sports culture and redefining how an athlete armours up. 


Now, decades later, Under Armour has been hard at work revitalizing the gear that started it all. HeatGear OG has been tested across all generations of athletes – from game-changing football players including Justin Jefferson and Diana Flores to top flight collegiate teams such as Notre Dame, Navy, Maryland, and Auburn to the next generation of icons of sport.

“When I started playing flag football 18 years ago, I would always put on my HeatGear before a game. It almost became part of my pre-game ritual. Putting HeatGear on before my jersey always has and still does make me feel powerful, protected, and ready to compete.”

Diana Flores, World Flag Football Champion and UA Athlete

Diana Flores playing flag football
Sam Hartman Practicing
Diana Flores holding football

“I’ve been wearing UA HeatGear for most of my football career. Playing in the heat can be incredibly challenging, but the comfort and sweat-wicking capabilities that HeatGear OG provides make it the perfect, protective baselayer for football. I know when the HeatGear goes on, I’m ready for battle.”

Sam Hartman, Notre Dame Quarterback and UA Athlete

Customers can purchase HeatGear OG for a limited time in stores or online at UA.com. No one does it like an OG, and Under Armour is thrilled to reestablish this iconic apparel with an up-and-coming generation of players. UA will continue to provide long-lasting, quality gear that allows athletes to meet their true potential. It’s this collaboration between athlete and apparel that creates groundbreaking performances from practice to game time. After all, it’s what’s underneath that matters.