Sharon Lokedi

Another Marathon, Another Podium

Sharon Lokedi makes her mark in Boston Marathon debut wearing the UA Velociti Elite 2

On Monday, April 15th, Under Armour Athlete Sharon Lokedi finished second in the Boston Marathon during her race debut with a run time of 2:22:45, just 0:00:08 behind first. In 2022, Lokedi became the fourth woman to win the New York City Marathon in her race debut and followed that with a third-place podium finish in 2023. Traditionally specializing in the 5K, 10K, and half marathon distances, the New York City Marathon was Lokedi’s first. Now, she’s podium finished her third marathon for a 3/3 streak using the same combination of all-star preparation and performance outfitting. This year, Lokedi wore the second iteration of Under Armour’s award-winning marathon racing shoe— the UA Velociti Elite 2—and trained under Stephen Haas and Pat Casey with UA Mission Run Dark Sky Distance.

“I am so proud to have participated in my third marathon as an Under Armour Athlete and to have podium finished in second place alongside the inspiring women in my category. I have immense gratitude for the experience and my team, who helped me get here. Making my Boston Marathon debut was an experience to last a lifetime. I was able to perform to the best of my ability today and for that I’m incredibly grateful.”

- Sharon Lokedi, UA Mission Run Dark Sky Distance Athlete

Sharon Lokedi & Stephen Haas

A marathon embodies some of the most inspiring elements of sport. Endurance, grit, and tireless practice all culminate in one outstanding performance. The athletes that participate have to be incredibly focused and prepared for how the smallest change in conditions could impact their run. If anyone understands the unbelievable grind of marathon running—it’s Sharon Lokedi.

Sharon Lokedi

A crucial part of running a marathon that’s too often overlooked is your mental resilience and attitude. While training in Flagstaff, AZ with UA Mission Run Dark Sky Distance, Lokedi has brought a constant positive and motivated attitude to her team. Even after sustaining a foot injury that forced Lokedi to drop out of last year's Boston Marathon, she didn’t let doubt take root in her mind. Instead, she began working with Under Armour’s Human Performance Lab last May in order to fully recover and make positive strides in her training. Afterward, Lokedi returned to Kenya to rebuild her strength and return to her full athletic potential with the support of Coach Haas. Due to her dedication and positivity, Lokedi conquered her return to racing in the Great North Half Marathon this past September with a second-place win and personal best time of 1:07:43, and ultimately proved her worth in November with a third-place podium finish at the New York City Marathon.

“I’m tremendously proud of Sharon’s marathon performance. From her incredible back-to-back performances in NYC, to now her Boston debut, she has been on an incredible journey. Pulling off an amazing second place podium finish, I’m grateful that Under Armour was able to support Sharon and help her perform at her highest level once again.”

- Stephen Haas, UA Mission Run Dark Sky Distance Coach

To fully support Lokedi during peak performance, her gear is of tantamount importance. Lokedi wore the UA Velociti Elite 2 Running Shoes for this race, launching for purchase in early 2024. Made to win marathons, these shoes offer a light, rubberless design combined with the speed and explosive lift-off of a full-length thermoset carbon plate. The bouncy, resilient underfoot sensation offers the propulsion that keeps runners like Lokedi going. This iteration is built to be minimalistic, breathable, and flexible while hugging your foot in all the right places—perfect for the enduring support that athletes like Lokedi need. 


Aside from footwear, Lokedi was outfitted in Under Armour’s Global Pro Runner Race Kit including the Women’s UA Pro Runner Crop Top which features UA RUSH™ infrared technology that reflects your body's energy to help you work harder & recover smarter. Day-to-day, Sharon outfits herself in the Women’s Armour® Mid Crossback Sports Bra for comfort, support, and a pop of color. The Run Anywhere Ankle Tights provide ideal functionality and a low-friction experience that’s crucial for endurance running— and they even have pockets. Lokedi also sports the Women’s UA Unstoppable Jacket before and after practice as her go-to rest and recovery outerwear.

Sharon Lokedi
UA Velociti Elite 2

“It’s essential that UA collaborates with athletes who are determined to hone their craft. Runners like Sharon Lokedi shape the way we create footwear, train athletes, and think about marathons as a whole.”

- Doug Smiley, Director of Performance Run Footwear at Under Armour

Lokedi’s laser focus during preparation definitely paid off for this race. She was able to fine-tune her pacing, outfitting, and daily routine, to utilize every training session as if it were the morning of the race. And once that day finally came, she was able to confidently cross that finish line with the support of UA, her coaches, and her loved ones resonating from the sidelines.

UA Velociti Elite 2 Running Shoes

The 3x podium finishing UA Flow Velociti Elite 2 is available for purchase on, in select UA Brand Houses, and select wholesale doors, retailing at $250 USD.

UA Velociti Elite 2