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At Under Armour, we believe diversity drives innovation and our Brand is stronger when people of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are fully engaged. Embracing diversity not only enhances our culture, it drives our business success, ultimately, delivering the most innovative products that make athletes better.

While there is work still to be done, by adhering to our Team Values and our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, we will deliver on our commitment to ensuring an inclusive workplace where diversity is valued and is seen as the catalyst that drives our innovation.

Our Initiatives

We have outlined our key initiatives under the three elements of our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy—our Workforce, our Workplace, and our Marketplace.

    • Focusing on improving representation where our demographics are not reflective of the employment marketplace.
    • Increasing targeted recruiting efforts.
    • Ensuring that our focus on development and retention efforts include a lens on diverse talent.
    • Driving a more engaged and inclusive culture.
    • Training teammates on unconscious bias.
    • Incorporating diversity and inclusion concepts into our core leadership training.
    • Empowering our Culture Clubs, UA’s affinity groups, to help drive business results.
    • Continuing to support pledges that align with our diversity vision and team values.
    • Planning for future product launches to align with key cultural moments.
    • Increasing diversity among our suppliers and partners.

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