Curry 5

Curry 5



Is a 40 foot pull up jumper impossible? What about a unanimous MVP award? Multiple championships…in this era? A three-star, 160 lb. college recruit becoming an All-Star Game captain? Thirty years ago, the answer might have been impossible – but then 30 years ago today Stephen Curry arrived, and since stepping foot onto the hardwood he’s wowed fans worldwide by achieving the seemingly impossible; blazing his own path and playing the game unlike anyone before him.


Today, March 14, is Pi Day, and Stephen Curry’s birthday. Pi is the source of mathematical anomalies, equations that cannot be solved because of the transcendence of the number; an appropriate metaphor for Stephen. Prior to Stephen, the basketball athlete template was set in stone – to be bigger, taller, stronger and faster than everyone else, for athleticism to rule all, and for the game to live within 24 feet of the rim. Stephen shook up the status quo – smaller, quicker, and shiftier, with range that turned the court into a 40-foot playground. Stephen has changed the landscape of basketball, giving youth of all sizes and abilities someone to look to so they can hoop in any way possible – to achieve the impossible, through will and work. 


The Curry 5 debuts for the first time today in the “Pi Day” colorway. Inspired by the ancient Pi equation of “squaring the circle,” the Curry 5 was designed with one thing in mind – to continue helping Stephen achieve the impossible on court.


“Squaring the circle” is more than inspiration – it is an aesthetic design cue that also functionally lays the groundwork for the upper. A circular construction is built from heel through toe, framing the 90-degree angle of the shoe on foot. Stephen’s game starts on his toes, so he can explode past opposition in a split second. Controlled containment in the heel and forefoot lateral wall lock the entire foot in – enabling Stephen to stay on his toes without any slide, maintaining full ground contact and traction to get anywhere on the court in a fraction of a second. The inspiration from Pi has been worked in throughout the debut Black Iron/Metallic colorway, from 3.14 on the lace aglets, to the Pi symbol on the knit of the shoe – even the extended numbers of Pi can be found throughout the outsole. Additionally, the Pi number sequence will be scripted on an exclusively designed shoe box.



The Curry 5 embodies Stephen and the idea of being wired different; what it means to achieve the impossible, to break the mathematical norm and expectations of what a basketball player can be. And in celebration of Pi Day and Stephen’s birthday, 314 pairs of the Curry 5 “Pi Day” colorway are available now at for $130 USD.