For some, the NBA season is an 82 game grind, a marathon that drains the body and takes the mind to the brink of mental exhaustion. But for the elite, 82 is just the beginning – the preview to the gauntlet that is the NBA Playoffs, where the stakes are raised, and everything that comes with it. The spotlight is brighter, the fouls are harder and the players are faster and stronger. The NBA Playoffs are where legends take over the game, all in pursuit for the one, elusive goal of an NBA Championship. For Stephen Curry, his takeover begins now.


Few understand the amazing highs and lows of the Playoff gauntlet better than Stephen Curry, who has experienced the incredible euphoria of a championship twice, and the immense effort and dedication – both mentally and physically – that the journey requires. When the chips are down - double digit deficit, behind at halftime, Game 7 - Stephen channels his experience and wills himself to another level, to bring his team back from the brink with a scoring run that defies all odds. His championship DNA is unquestionable, a testament to where he’s been and where he wants to go. 


In homage to Stephen’s return and journey to the NBA Finals, Under Armour is dropping two new colorways of the Curry 5: the UA Takeover Edition_1 and UA Takeover Edition_2.


The UA Takeover Edition_1 has a full black upper with black lacing, in contrast to the white colorway, an all-white upper with white laces. Both colorways feature a speckled white midsole that pops in contrast. Crucially, though, both colorways share a common trait:  a highlight of gold on the heel and near the tongue represents all of the highs and the lows – victory, defeat, will, hard work, preparation and the ability to push past doubt and exhaustion to reach new levels of greatness – all working together towards the common goal of the NBA Playoffs: a world championship.  


Stephen is on the doorstep of greatness yet again, and the Curry 5 UA Takeover Edition_1 and UA Takeover Edition_2 are representations of all it takes to reach greatness. 


The Curry 5 UA Takeover Edition_1 and UA Takeover Edition_2 will be sold separately and in limited availability at UA Brand Houses, SC-v5.com and select retailers globally for $130 USD beginning Friday, June 1 at 10 AM ET.