Well, don’t blame him for having the Will to Find a Way

Are you tired of yet another championship ring? Two MVP Awards? Rewriting the record books and redefining what it means to be a “shooter?” All the talk about changing the game? Do you have fatigue from the shimmys, the mouthguard, nine 3’s in a Finals game, dominance on and off the court?


You can’t blame Stephen Curry even if you’re burned out on Stephen Curry. That’s like being mad at french fries because you ate too many, when you ate too many because they were SO GOOD!


Celebrating a third World Championship in four years and the Golden State Warriors’ first ever back-to-back titles, Stephen is at the top of the mountain as a driving force leading the organization’s team. But for some critics and pundits of the game, it’s too much of a good thing. They want parity handed to them on a silver platter, for others to get a turn “just because.” But greatness isn’t given, and no one has earned it more than Stephen. He has fought through years of injuries and uncertainty to cement himself as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. So, the question isn’t whether he’ll just step aside (or let up), because there’s no way he’s giving up the throne without a fight. The question is, what is everyone else going to do about it?


Under Armour is celebrating this gauntlet throw down and Stephen’s third World Championship with the “Will Finds a Way” brand film, challenging the world to do something about supposed Stephen Curry fatigue. Stephen’s will is stronger than ever; he wants the challenge and is asking the world to bring it to him.  



Stephen Curry Will Finds a Way

For fans in North America and China, Under Armour introduces the Curry 5 <Fired_Up> colorway, available now on SC-V5.com. The bright red on red represents the never-ending passion Stephen has for the game of basketball – for his ability to heat up from anywhere at any time, particularly during critical third quarters. With the championship run now over, Stephen’s fire hasn’t faded; instead, it’s already been reignited.