Pop-up shop opening today, June 12th, will bring virtual world & exclusive colorway releases to Warriors parade route

With a third NBA Finals victory, it’s official: Stephen Curry’s legacy and the Curry 5 operating system are now “Verified.” Every 40-foot splash, every lightning quick burst into the lane and every insane third quarter run have led to this moment, a full blown takeover that takes Verified status to a whole new level. 


To celebrate Stephen with the fans he calls family, Under Armour is launching a pop-up space in Oakland June 12-13th at 1500 Broadway. Under Armour worked with agency partner RED, immersive media company VRScout and Virtual Reality artists to create an immersive art piece and cinematic feature bringing his victory to life. Curry 5 colorways and World Championship t-shirts exclusive to the pop-up shop only will also be released.


“Steph VR” follows the creative aesthetic and story behind Under Armour’s “Wired Different” Curry 5 campaign: how Stephen has changed the game and broken the mold of what anyone expects from of a professional basketball player. This custom, 360-degree VR content experience, painted with Google Tilt Brush, brings viewers into Stephen’s operating system and through his basketball journey to becoming “Verified.” VR artists George Peaslee and VR cinematic artist Danny Bittman spent over 300 hours in a VR headset to bring the 150 colors and thousands of brush strokes to life – including a 3D basketball court and infamous Bay Area landmarks. Fans can watch an artist hand-paint the entire VR experience from start to finish, and then experience for themselves in 360 on YouTube or in a VR headset. Steph VR is available to experience from anywhere on YouTube and Facebook.



Stephen Curry "Verified" Championship VR

“Steph VR” will be showcased live via Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus at Under Armour’s pop-up space in Oakland following the Warriors’ World Championship celebration parade on June 12th, from 2:30 pm - 8 pm and June 13th, 11 am – 7 pm.  On 1500 Broadway, the space will also feature limited, timed runs of exclusive Curry 5 colorways, including a copper/black colorway that calls back to when Stephen and his college teammates  would drop a penny in a bucket every day, signifying the importance of adding value and getting better each day. Deposit or withdraw, there’s no in between. In addition, a white/white colorway will also release, representing Stephen’s transformative impact on the game. Every step in his journey has come with sacrifice in order to transform and evolve, dating all the way back to the reconfiguration of his jumper in high school.