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World Champions Michael Phelps and Anthony Joshua Talk Training, Motivation, and Competition

"Greatness recognizes greatness…” the quote reads. 


There is something special that happens when elite athletes come together, particularly those from different worlds.  Such was the case when Olympic gold medalist and heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua recently visited Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps in his hometown of Scottsdale, AZ.


Phelps helped AJ with his technique in the pool leading into his September showdown with former WBA Heavyweight Champion and gold medalist Alexander Povetkin, the fearsome Russian with a 34-1 lifetime record.


“I have to be submerged in my boxing in order to achieve,” said AJ, referring to the commitment he shares with Phelps to achieve greatness.


The two champions also shared their thoughts on the will it takes to train every day, and the motivation it has taken to separate themselves from the rest of their competition. What it comes down to for both athletes is a state of mind that is stronger than any obstacle.


“I took that word (can’t) out of my vocabulary when I was training, because the moment I said I can’t do something, I might as well move on.”

Michael Phelps

And of course, when two hypercompetitive athletes connect, a challenge of some sort will ensue. In this case, the “Flying Fish” spotted AJ the width of the pool as a head start in a down-and-back race.







The Stroke


The Race