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Training Never Sounded So Good

The UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones Help Athletes Cut Through the Noise

The time athletes set aside for training is precious. There’s no room for distractions – getting in the zone is incumbent on the training environment, which includes the right training symphony. Music transports us, focuses us, inspires us – and thanks to Under Armour and JBL, it’s never sounded so good.


The UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones are the first of their kind. Under Armour partnered with JBL to design these headphones to revolutionize the workout experience by helping block out excess noise. The rugged on-ear headphones were built by the experts in sound and driven by the leading athlete performance brand. They’re engineered to withstand any gym session you can throw at them. 


The construction features Under Armour’s sweat-wicking Supervent fabric to keep the headphones dry and cool and UA grip material to prevent slipping during intense interval training and quick-twitch lateral movements. They have a 16-hour battery life and can be “speed charged” in as little as five minutes to provide a full hour of booming sound to maximize training sessions.


UA Headphones TechSheet

UA Headphones TechSheet

The UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones are carefully constructed with JBL’s premium charged sound – a unique JBL sound curve optimized for workout music – giving athletes the powerful bass-heavy, heart-thumping music experience they crave when training. Intuitive Talkthru technology lets in outside noise when desired. The push of a button fades music out to enable quick conversations without ever having to take the headphones off.


The UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones are the preeminent training headphones, built singularly for athletes by two brands perfectly matched to change the game and make athletes better.


The beat drops today with the UA Sport Wireless Train headphones available for pre-sale now for $199 at, and available for purchase at select retailers in early August.